June 2017 Ebay Wins

In typical Community Gum fashion, this monthly series hasn’t been featured on the blog since June when I displayed my May winnings.  I’m stealing about 30 minutes from my nighttime work schedule to put this out because I want to post something and don’t feel like finishing up the Gint-A-Cuffs posts tonight.

June was a pretty nice month for collection additions as you can glimpse below.  There’s a separate lot that I’m not including here as well, because it deserves its own post.

For now, here’s what I managed to win for more money than other people would pay but as cheap as I would allow myself to be.

Da-boo-dee, da-boo-da

I have not bought any 2017 Bunt.  I am going to collect the master set for 2016 Bunt.  I’ll have a want list of inserts (have the base set) soon.  Anyway, case breakers did open the stuff, and while I’m not exactly a fan of the parallels, I do still need them.

Cubbie blue

Had to keep Jason separate because the team set of people I collect is 10 cards.  Anyway, I think these blues are one per pack, so I nabbed the whole team in one go for less than $1 each.

Missing some blue

Going from one blue to another.  These heritage blue borders are limited to 50 each.  It shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that I won this for the minimum.  Not too many are chasing Justin Grimm cards.  I am.  And this card completes my current 2017 needs of his.  If he’s in Update, then that’ll change.

Would you know it was the parallel if I didn’t point it out

Speaking of normal, run of the mill Topps, I still need quite a lot of these vintage parallels.  Well, not this one.  I have this one.

Who needs to remove a card from a toploader before scanning?

Or this one.  I like watching Willson play.  When he’s allowed to play.  Or not injured and is physically able to play.

Eyes on the number

Speaking of Contreras, he helped me land my first Topps Inception card.  Well, him and the non-bidders.  I’ll have more to say about this brand another time, because this hasn’t been my last and I have opinions.  I don’t have time, but I have opinions.

There’s that inside toploader scanning again.

Wow!  Jersey number gold refractor!  If I cared about such things I would be excited.  Instead, I’m just excited because I like gold refractors and I got another one on the cheap.


Now this I’m more excited about.  I need a bunch of these sportscaster cards and most people tend to put high starting bids or BINs on them.  Every once in a while, a .99 auction comes along and that’s when I pounce.


The same goes for these Studio Portraits.  I’ll bite on an inexpensive Buy It Now, but that’s rare.  Patience can pay off, though.  Now I just need it to pay off a dozen or so more times.

Like I said, this wasn’t everything from June.  Pretty soon I’ll show off an all Frank Thomas lot that was the prize of the month.  Until then, keep out of my saved searches!

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