May 2017 Ebay Wins

I know that some people don’t use ebay as part of their collecting adventures, and I sometimes envy those people.  It can be a fickle and frustrating process at times, but I find it to be a pretty necessary.

Trading is fantastic (and I’m finally trying to do more of it).  Card shows are a lot of fun, but very infrequent.  Card shops are hit or miss and I personally find them to be very awkward as I search through boxes while some dude just watches.

Besides, to find lower numbered stuff, ebay is still one of the best places to find things.  So, I’ve set up several saved searches and bide my time.  Here’s most of what I was able to grab this past month.


Yep, the Cubs collections are in warm-up mode.  The original six are still my main focus, but I’ll put a minimum bid on some parallels to see what I can get.  Here’s a Vintage Stock to start us off.  Well, not really.  I have earlier ebay wins for the new Cubs, but you get it.


I think this was probably the biggest surprise.  I haven’t seen a lot of the gold parallels from the silver packs given when you bought a hobby/jumbo box.  People really don’t seem to be very interested in Arrieta cards right now, because this and the rest were 99 cent bids.

Not a pick off throw

My plan is to buy a full box of Diamond Kings at the National this year.  I seriously doubt I’d run across a red paper framed parallel I needed in that, so this was an easy win.  I love the raised paper framed cards.

Nighttime cardboard

What ebay is not good for is normal base cards.  That’s why I didn’t specifically bid on it.  It was a throw in with this next one.

Only 10 more of these to go

Can you believe that this is my first Studio portrait of Kerry Wood?  Most of the ones I come across on there are BINs with prices above my threshold. It’s pretty nice to land this #/50 for the minimum.  Take note, BIN sellers.

And that’s it.  I already have a larger haul for June and there’s still two weeks of unknowns left.  Until then.

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