2017 Cubs – The Eighth 10 Games

Anyone ready for the NLCS tonight?  Probably no one.  I don’t know anyone that pays attention to baseball, after all.

Who can talk about the playoffs when we still need to talk about the games that got us there.  So , basically at the half-way point of the season and the Cubs kept bouncing back and forth.  The last 10 gave us 6 wins.  These 10 give us 4 more wins.  Overall, the record after 80 games was 40-40.  Boy, will this team turn it around?  I can’t imagine anyone knows the answer.  It’s not like there’s been 70 more games since then.

In all honestly, it is exciting that our playoff fate is not yet sealed, despite being so far behind on these posts.  I don’t know if I’ll finish up the whole season at this point, but maybe a couple more at least.

Also got his first hit of the year

Strikeout #3
April 7, 1992 – Chicago Cubs at Philadelphia Phillies

First game of the season!  All kinds of fun, new excitement and possibilities.  Maddux might even throw 199 strikeouts and win the NL Cy Young award.  Hey, it could happen!  Anyway, for this third strikeout of the year, Greg and the Cubs were down 3-2 in the fourth.  Luckily, he escaped the inning with no further damage by taking down Terry Mulholland.

To continue the thought from the captions last time…

Strikeout #8
April 20, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

How are you supposed to win the Cy Young if you don’t strike anyone out in the second game?  So, moving on to the third game for the second strikeout and he decided to make up for lost time.  It was a 1-2-3 inning full of Ks.  Mariano Duncan was the victim for this card, looking at the 6th pitch of the AB.

If the Cubs keep losing so many games, I may not run out of Cubs M&M cards

Strikeout #9
April 20, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

And to end the 1st inning, after Duncan, Dave Hollins saw 7 other pitches, before watching the 8th one fly past him.

I like it for making these posts quicker to put together, at least

Strikeout #13
April 20, 1992 – Philadelphia Phillies at Chicago Cubs

Moving on to the top of the 5th of the same game.  By this time, Greg Maddux has also hit a home run.  And Gary Scott hit a grand slam so the Cubs have a healthy lead.  So, for his seventh strikeout Wes Chamberlain takes only three pitches to go down.

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