January 2018 Ebay Wins

Well, this will be quick.  After a larger December, the first month of this year only saw two new cards come in the mail.  Things will slowly pick up from here for a bit until about now where I’m stalled buying cards due to travel.  I’m really itching to relax and open packs, so when I return from this work trip I’ll probably be buying a couple boxes.

I doubt they’ll have anything for my collection in the same vein as these, though.

RIP, I guess?

First up is part of my continued effort to chip away at the 2017 Bunt set needs.  Perhaps I should say “effort” because I haven’t been specifically pursuing them.  They just land in my lap with minimum bids because no one else seems to care.  It’s amazing how quickly and cheaply I’ve been able to put together this Kool-aid stained things.

I think this came from Asia

Contrary to the Bunt stuff from last year, some of the Topps parallels are getting less obvious.  This is the black #/99 version, which looks very very similar to the normal one with silver foil.  I’ve seen them do this color swapping a lot lately, and many of the designs do not make the color change obvious.  Hopefully they’ll start to change that back in the near future and add some features to make them pop, or…and hear me out…don’t make numbered parallels of the inserts?

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