A Small Post

Well, it’s Ginter season again, which means chasing those minis is on everyone-who-cares-about-chasing-minis’ minds.  For the player collection types like me, it means another round of variations to very slowly go after.  It’s a daunting task and I certainly don’t bring in more than what are produced each year, so it’s also a losing battle for now.

I’ve also found that many dealers and card shows I’ve encountered don’t seem to carry the minis in any noticeable place, which makes it harder to obtain them.  At the NSCC, I saw a couple mixed in some of the bins, or they are in un-priced stacks, which makes me assume that they are too expensive for my taste.

So, if anyone has minis to trade, the odds are that I need them.

Watch out with those finger guns

I also still need a lot of stickers for the past several years.  Let’s trade stickers!  If it’s a player I collect, sometimes I need two of them.  These are a few duplicates from my pack opening adventures last year.

I need stickers from 2013 to present

Here’s an older Fowler sticker I had laying around as well from his limited time with Houston.

Only Montero faces front

Here are a few assorted minis I had laying around when I started my championship player collections.  You can see I had some luck with the A&G backs, including the Lester SP.


These last three I got from a birthday binge on COMC.  That seems to be one of the best ways to get things cheap.  This DK mini were about 1-2 per box and no mini variations

Do you know what year this is from without looking it up?  I don’t.

Of all the minis, the black borders tend to be my favorite.  Although the border is really encroaching into the picture.


Lastly for today, here’s a more traditional black border, which is also good in my book.  What’s even better is that Gypsy Queen has stopped doing minis these past couple years.  It’s so nice to only hunt one set of parallels for the full size cards and not a second set of mini cards.  We’ve already established it’s a losing battle.  I’m also on the losing side of posting minis that I do have now, but if you like the stuff, let me know and I’ll throw together another small post.

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