Trading To Fill In Some Junk Wax Gaps – Part 2

I’m working on getting another round of trade packages out in the mail from my latest week of trade bait posts.  I think I only gained one completely new trade partner in that cycle, but ultimately found more success.  That means with several new mailers incoming, I need to work to catch up on the still outstanding ones.

Of of those is from John, known on the Trading Card Database as herkojerko (here’s his profile, should you be so inclined, and you should).  You can see the first part of our exchange right here.  As I mentioned then, many of them were from the so called junk wax era, which is not a problem at all.  I still need a lot of that stuff.  Often times, it’s so prevalent that people may forget to even check those years, including myself.

Thankfully, John didn’t forget and so I have a few gaps filled.  Today, we’re still mostly looking only at Tony Gwynn to finish up that part of things, but we’ll have a cameo or two mixed in.

Showing some teeth

If I ever become rich, not only will I expand the players I collect to include some other hall of famers, but I think I’d also chase a full Ultra baseball run with inserts and parallels.  Some of the later years stink, but the overall catalog is strong.

Double teeth

I love how similar these pictures are.  If I had the patience to do a flip book of the swing motion, these might be back to back.

Mini Gwynn

I never noticed that 1996 Topps took a page out of 1994 UD’s book with that smaller picture.  UD did it better in many respects.

I know there are a lot of anti-foil folks out there, but I wouldn’t mind a gaudier base set

How about that SP!  Back when these cards were certainly not “junk wax.”  I wish I could have afforded these packs, but looking back, its better that I didn’t since they didn’t hold that monetary luster anymore than other cards from that year.

You don’t want to get pulled over by the ML PD

I swear there’s a card hiding in that scan.  It’s just so metal that you can’t handle it.

Fill those stands

A quick diversion to show a pitcher batting on a nearly literal bubble gum card.  Don’t get much better.

Prove ’em wrong, Tony!

These last three will follow a theme, and that theme is “Who picked the ranking for these playing cards?”  A 6?

I used to love playing cards with these at my friend’s house

Frank doesn’t get much more respect with an 8.  Not the way to treat a future MVP.  Also, a White Sox player should be one of the black suits.

There we go!

Not even an ACE?!?!  C’mon!  I mean, his position is listed as Cy Young Award.  Oh well, can’t please everyone, but I’m certainly pleased with the trade, and we have even more to show in a future post.  Thanks again, John!

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