Trading With A Cheesy Ginter Fiend

I’m not very good at keeping up with blogs.  I know what my problem is, but right now there’s no good solution in place.  But, there was a little stretch in there when I was able to read a lot and also comment.  Then things started happening again and I’ve fallen out of the loop.  Well, when I was reading regularly, one of the stops I made was over to Nachos Grande and I saw something that caught my eye.  So, I gathered up a few cards to send his way and got the thing I was after and a couple others.

He’s a prolific trader.  I’m not as much, but I have spurts of that too.  Anyway, It turns out that this is the first of two deals I worked with Chris a month apart.  This first deal was from September, in case you want to know how far behind I am with recognizing trades.  Well, if I’m going to make my way to the second trade, I have to get through this one first (and a few others), so let’s get into it!

I didn’t notice the chin thing until I saw it on cards

I think I only asked for the one card, but I got a few extras in the mailer, including a smoky Lester 2016 card.  I say this quite a bit, but it bears repeating, that I am missing a ton of base cards from the World Series team (actually everyone I collect), so don’t discount the huge benefit they provide in trades.

No Chromes to chase, I don’t think

I don’t know if Edwards was in the regular set or the high series, but either way, it’s a bit surprising he’s in there at all.  Although, aside from the flagship product, Heritage is the only real other chance.

Too many parallels in this set even without minis

I bought a tiny bit of GQ this year and got the Heyward missing blackplate and the regular Baez.  Now I have a matching muted Javy.

Each year, more ornate

Mister Grande used to open a full case of Ginter each year.  I don’t recall if he did the full case this time, but it was certainly several boxes and retail stuff.  As such, he’s a great resource to get some A&G run-off and also a great person to trade your extra inserts, etc.

All-Star All-en & Ginter

Here’s the card that I specifically requested.  The Cubs are always well-represented with hits and inserts and whatnot.  Between this and my own boxes and a case break I joined, I got a good handle on the relic side.  It’s great to nearly close the door (or maybe completely close it, as I haven’t checked) so early on.  That’s great because I have a lot of minis to focus on.

Thank you very much for the quick and easy trade!  We’ll be seeing some more fun stuff from Chris in short order!

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