A Golden Trade With Reader Nate

I love posting trade bait, because it not only helps me get rid of some of my many unwanted cards, but it gives me an odd sense of accomplishment as well.  It’s a time consuming process to scan, sort and list them all. Part of that process is also making sure I have them listed in my Sportlots store as well (which is why sometimes you’ll see “SOLD” next to a card instead of “TRADED”), so the dual data entry eats up the minutes and hours.

Still, it’s a great feeling to release trade bait for a few sets in a row and get just that tiny bit closer to having a fully organized card inventory for people to trade or buy from.  It’s a small victory in the grand scheme of things, but I’ll take it.  At this stage, my trade bait posts are way behind my SL store, but the store is very close to having everything from 2015 to present that I don’t need listed.  I’m working backwards, and in a few months, I hope to have even more up for sale there.

The trade bait is slower, and part of that is time like I mentioned, and the other part is that I have a good amount of trades to still work through on the blog.  I’ll still trade with people, but my want lists are not fully updated anymore and I have bindered stuff in well over a year….  There’s a lot of housekeeping I need to do.

I need to get on it, so I can get more trade packages like the one I got from Nate.  I apologize if I’m totally idiotic and ignorant, but I don’t believe he has a card blog to link to.  Anyway, he took advantage of the trade bait posts and got some of my Braves cards in return for a few goodies we’re about to see!  I need more of this.

How about those new Miami uniforms

Nate reserved this gold parallel for me.  It’s always nice to add new Dempster cards to the collection.  It’s getting harder, but it’s great that people are still looking.

Another picture….

I had the gold parallel of this card way before the base card.  Kerry is clearly disappointed in me, or maybe it’s just the Indians uniform.

The better older days of Studio

Panini has teased us with some Studio insert cards here and there, but they owe the card community a full on comeback attempt. It’s perfect for a logo-less product.

Love the 90s TV intro inset.

1995 Donruss is a complete blind spot for me, and maybe it was for a lot of people since it took years before this came my way.

Starring Frank as The Big Hurt

And I didn’t have Frank Thomas’ card either.  Crazy!  They’re mine now, though.

That pitcher better hurry to first!

That’s soon to be back-to-back AL MVP to you.

Ripped jeans attitude of 1995

These two are such big stars that they can cover up the words and you still know exactly what it says.

Foil borders are not great for a flagship set

The little foil stamps Upper Deck put on the cards some years really throw me off.  I can never be sure if they are parallels or subsets or normals without looking it up.  This is normal, for the record.

Square those bases

I love this picture, because it looks like someone took a Frank Thomas sticker and accidentally put it on their baseball page diagonally.

I know who my number one is

Tim Salmon and David Justice are not names you hear a lot anymore.  I actually didn’t know or remember that Justice played in the AL.

He was the best and didn’t even play most of those floating years

Everyone cares about who had the best On-Base Percentage.  It’s talked about all the time.  So, I don’t have to tell you about Frank’s dominance in that area.

Don’t all rush at once

I started with gold; I’m ending with gold.  The early days of parallels where you got one per pack from a massive set, and allowance money was scarce so getting a star card felt like winning the lottery.  Striking gold, if you will.

I’m glad to have this and all the cards sent my way. Thank you very much Nate! Hopefully we can make another deal the next time I can get around to posting more trade bait stuff.

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