No Purchase Necessary

In my previous post, I talked about some of the different ways one can go about purchasing cards as part of my trademark lazy openings (psst, you’re reading another one right now).  Buying stuff is all well and good, but have you tried this thing called barter?

I’ve dabbled here and there.  Over the past twelve months, there has been one barter partner that has sent me a bunch of different card packages in exchange for cards that I didn’t even want at all!  The best part is that there’s no purchase necessary.  How crazy is that?

I guess it’s not completely true that there’s no purchase necessary.  You need to buy postage, and most likely need to buy packs to acquire the stuff you trade, but you get the idea. Play along.

Anyway, Kerry/Madding from Cards on Cards is that bartering person.  He’s sent me so much stuff, that I’m actually just now finishing a trade package from 2017.  I doubt I’ll ever get caught up, but it’s better to have too many cards to post than being completely up to date.  Maybe.  The only way I’ll figure it out is if I can actually stop acquiring cards long enough to find out.

Not a bad last set for Fleer

I’ll start with one of Miguel Montero’s many rookies.  People must have thought he was going to be huge, because he was plastered across a bunch of sets. All together, they account for about 100 cards for me to collect.

Not fearing the beard

I feel stupid for not remembering who said it, but someone on Twitter was saying that basically 1 in 10 players are chosen for an All-Star game, and the odds increase if you make it past the rookie year.  Kinda puts a shadow on this card, doesn’t it?

Not sent by Play At the Plate

Oh, I didn’t notice this before, but I think that’s Dexter Fowler in there.  Not bad. Two future teammates and future,  now current, collections converge.

So, the D-backs are revamping a lot, aren’t they?

I now have over 100 different Montero cards. It’s already getting to the point where I need to focus a lot more attention on the parallels and insert game.

He did hit that grand slam, though

I was excited about Montero’s offense when he came over, but that side started to evaporate like the cloud near the 2016 logos.

I should start trying to find these Bunt parallels now too

Zobrist surprised me with his consistency.  I’m still confused about the logic behind dumping Starlin and getting him, but I’ll talk about that some other time.

That’s his mad pitch face

If you thought Montero was heavily touted, then you should also see what they did with Carl.  Don’t prospect pitchers, boys and girls.  Wait a bit for the buzz to die down and then get them on the cheap, or through trades.  Trades. We’re talking about not purchasing here.  Stay on topic.

That’s a loose, floppy top

I have a hell of a time telling the Donruss reboot stuff apart.  2018 is easy, because it’s a different kind of ugly, not a tribute to the past type ugly.

I don’t even get this channel to watch him analyze to know if he’s any good, or if he’s still on

Lastly, for now, is the first Ryan Dempster card produced in three years.  He also had an autograph, but I’m not going after that since it’s numbered to 10.  I didn’t get this in the 2017 packs I bought, and I secretly wondered who would be the person to send it to me first.  Now we have our answer!  No purchase necessary!

Thanks as always, Kerry!  Until the next round of playing catch up.

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