November 2018 Ebay Wins

Happy Holidays everybody.  It’s that time of year where giving is more important than receiving and money is spent on other people in the great name of CONSUMERISM rather than on yourself in the great name of CONSUMERISM.  Grow that economy. Spend, spend, spend.

I’m doing my part.  Uncle Sam needs you.

My brain is fried, if you can’t tell. Or…maybe it’s finally working properly.  Here’s some cards I purchased with my all-mighty dollars!

Parallel uniforms

Parallels. Parallels. You gotta get all the parallels.  Red. Blue. Black. Aquamarine. Tamarind. Scratch ‘N’ Sniff Level N7.

Purple super nova

Shoot for the stars. Set your money on Topps Fire!

Expect fewer Schwarber cards next year, I think

Magma Green Diffractor Green Parallel.  That’s not a joke. That’s what it’s actually called.

Probably will have a drop in Almoras, too

I can’t imagine anyone is ready to start the 2019 card collecting cycle all over again.  Not that the 2018 cycle is done, though.  Not looking forward to spending hours and days updating the checklists with all the missing 2018 cards.

Contreras will rise

Small break in cynicism to say that I really like this card and the black parallels are hard to come by this year, so I’m happy about this one.

Every shade of blue

Twenty cards for all the relievers.  Need them all. Need them all.  Consume, consume, consume.

Blaster master

Manupatches!  They aren’t even reeeeaaaalllll!  People don’t care about things that aren’t reeeeaaaallllll!  Manufactured scam-arcity for all the sheep.

Unsung hero

Sticker autos. Pssshhh…Why even bother….

Alright, that’s enough for now, because I don’t talk about Bulls stuff much.  I want all the Past & Present Bulls autos. I’ve slowly picked up several, but this is the first from the second year of the product.  Will Perdue was a huge joke in our neighborhood, but with some admiration.  Before yelling “Kobe” on your shots was a thing, me and my neighbors would yell “Perdue!”  Roy and Lisa would be thrilled with this auto pick up.

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