A Dog Of A Big League Trade x2

I mentioned before how trades tend to come in waves and this grouping of two is no exception.  Following my sticker trades and my GPK trades came a couple of Topps Big League trades through Twitter.  I’m going after the master set of this thing (as well as the Bunt physical releases from the previous two years) and I’m getting closer after these two packages.

The first was from Ben of Cardboard Icons fame. (Twitter found here).

On top of the scanner instead of inside

This was my first transaction with him. I sent over some Roger Clemens cards (he’s after those and Kershaws) and in return I got a nice stack of set needs.

I foolishly forgot to actually scan a sampling of them before putting them away in my binder, so here’s the picture from my phone.  As you can see, he also gave me a couple of the A&G Man’s Best Friend inserts I’ve been wanting since 2012.  I’m now down to needing just two from that insert set #5 (Beagle) and #11 (Chihuahua).  Thanks a lot!

Arenado has an unconventional batting stance

My second trade was courtesy of RobbyT who occasionally writes at Detroit Tigers Cards and Stuff  but can also be found here on Twitter.  He sent me more than just these. I happened to select some good photos and/or good players.  I’m ready for this next year’s set.

Glad these nickname cards aren’t the main design

He also sent quite a few of the inserts.  And the good news is that I procrastinated long enough in posting this that I can make a comment about Mr. Miami living in San Diego.  But I’m not clever enough to say more than that.  From what I’ve found so far, the caricatures are going to be the toughest to complete.  It’s great to have a bigger name out of the way.

Thank you to both of you for the great trades.  I hope we get to do it again sometime!

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