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You know, sometimes you just need to put together an easy post.  I spend way too much time looking through my scan folders for cards that have a theme that I feel like talking about on any given day.  I try to avoid the easy stuff, even if it doesn’t seem like it.  Color matching is too obvious mostly.  Same sets and same brands? Sometimes…please see below.

Possibly more importantly is can I think of a title?  Something that screams, “Yeah, sure. Good enough.”

<insert picture of me inviting you to the blog with open arms, except not really because I don’t like taking pictures of myself>

Today, I’m going with a weak bit of word play and a brand that I’ve passed over so, so many times in the past because it didn’t seem interesting enough.  But hey, I gotta feature them sometimes, and honestly the Teks are piling up a tiny bit (as are the Moments & Milestones).

Like always, we’re going to be playing a little game called “Name the Pattern.” You all are welcome to help me out.  I’ll throw out my random thoughts, but if the group outwits me (a strong possibility) I’ll change it.

1999 30B

Pattern #30B – Wafer Cookie

I haven’t had one in a long time, but this makes me think of splitting open one of those wafer cookies with that frosting cream stuff in the middle.  You know the ones, right?

2000 3

Pattern #3 – The League

Wow, you can see the card number and pattern poking through on the left side.  Anyway, this is a bland pattern.

2000 7

Pattern #7 – Hometown Star

The name of the city will change for each player, which is pretty interesting. This level of customization would never happen now.

2000 11

Pattern #11 – BA Pyramid

Pretty self-explanatory. I wanted to incorporate the tri-force on this, but I already used it once and don’t want to repeat myself too much.


Running away from the vortex

There are no pattern numbers for these from 2014 and newer and the names are pretty widely, but not universally, agreed upon already.  This one is Net


Unphased by the vortex

Some may call it a Grid, but I prefer Net.


Follow the..oh we’re back at the start already

This is the spiral bricks pattern, and I think it’s the most common one from this year.  A simple numbering would help identify that.

1999 7A

Pattern #7A – Worst Maze Ever

Back to unnamed patterns.  I’m definitely open to other suggestions on this one.

1999 16A

Pattern #16A – Deco Balls

A lot of the 1999 patterns have that art deco feel to them.  The stitching from the balls going into the straight lines creates a neat optical illusion.

Alright, well, that’s a start.  Not a start because I’ve done this before.  A middle.  Part of a middle.  It’s a thing you either read or scrolled through quickly or ignored completely.  Whatever the case may be, odds are high that I’ll be back with more as soon as I can think of more word play with the name Tek.

26 left to show before taking Sportlots delivery.

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