Trade Bait – 2018 Diamond Kings

I’m back with another round of trade bait. This is the first week’s worth since announcing my Charity Trade policy. In short, I’m not giving away cards, but I am donating money to charity for every card that I receive in trade. If you want to indirectly help the charity of my choosing, take a look below and hopefully we can work something out.

What can you send my way?  Take a look at this page right HERE.  I’m willing to trade in your favor if it means getting stuff out of my house faster.  Also, if you’re not sure if you have anything from my player specific lists, you probably do, but I’m also accepting any cards of just about all current Cubs players as an alternative (please no Russells), but odds are you’ll have plenty to work with!

More Trade Bait to be found HERE

Post updated 06/03/2019

parallels & inserts

Red Frame Parallel
Anthony Santander
Mike Trout (Sepia Variation)
Luis Severino
Joe Jackson
Roberto Clemente

DK Portraits
Ted Williams
Ty Cobb
Ken Griffey Jr.
David Ortiz


Trophy Club
Mike Trout
Justin Verlander
Aaron Judge

Buster Posey
Albert Pujols

The 500
Rafael Palmeiro
Eddie Mathews

Gallery of Stars
Joey Gallo
Miguel Cabrera


Past and Present
Biggio/Altuve (PENDING)


Brown Frame Parallel #/49
Chuck Klein

Artist Proofs
Harry Walker (Gold #/99)
Ozzie Albies (Blue #/25)

DK Signatures
Raimel Tapia

DK Materials Dual
Alex Verdugo
Carl Furillo

Base Set (Just listing card numbers – please inquire about specific players or teams – I’m happy to check and list that out if you need it)
1, 2, 3, 4 (x2), 5, 6 (x3), 7 (x2), 8 (x2), 10 (x2), 11 (x2), 12, 13, 14 (x2), 15, 16 (x2), 17, 18, 19 (x2), 20 (x2), 21, 22 (x2), 23, 24 (x2), 26, 28, 29, 30 (x2), 31 (x2), 32, 33 (x3), 34 (x2), 35, 36, 37 (x2), 38 (x2), 40, 41, 42, 43, 45, 46 (x2), 48 (x2), 49 (x2), 50 (x2), 52 (x2), 53 (x2), 54, 56, 57, 58 (x2), 59, 60, 61 (x2), 62 (x2), 64, 65 (x2), 66 (x2), 68 (x2), 69 (PENDING), 70, 71 (x2), 72, 73 (x2), 74 (x2), 75, 76, 77 (x2), 78, 79 (x2), 80 (x2), 81 (x2), 83, 84, 85 (x2), 86, 87 (x2), 88 (x2), 89, 90 (x3), 91 (x2), 92 (x2), 93 (x2), 94 (x2), 95 (x2), 96, 97, 98, 99, 100 (x2), 115, 127

Base Set Variations
4 (Gehrig facing right), 13 (Lloyd Waner facing right), 73 (Ohtani Pitching Kanji), 116 (Amed Rosario B&W)

Make sure you check out the link above for the other trade bait and I’ll post more soon!

3 comments to Trade Bait – 2018 Diamond Kings

  • I’d like that Altuve insert plus any other Altuve (or Larkin) cards in the base set (if any). I also requested a couple of cards from your 2013 Gypsy Queen post.

    • Jon

      Consider it yours. If there is a Larkin in the set, I unfortunately didn’t land one. There is an Altuve base card to go along with the insert.

  • Oh dang, building this so we should definitely trade. Just sent you an email about this year’s stickers as well, but I have some Bunt + Big League set aside for you.

    For the moment, will you hold the framed Clemente, Verlander Trophy Club, and Kanji Ohtani for me? I’ll take a look to see what else I need for the set.

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