End Of An Era: Kerry Wood Retires – A Cardboard Retrospective

Reflections – fitting name for the set

The card you see above is the last Kerry Wood card I acquired while he was still an active player, and quite an appropriate one at that.

You see, it’s tough to tell the story of Kerry Wood’s career without touching on the expectations and the subsequent […]

2011 Topps Finest Baseball Case Breakdown & For Sale List

Thanks to the select few that joined us for the live UStream Finest Break. I know it was a very last minute announcement on our part, so it’s amazing anyone came into the chat room at all. It was a lot of fun chatting with The Daily Dimwit and the newly titled Life and Baseball […]

The For Sale List – 2011 Topps Lineage Edition

Our Lineage Group Break went off without a hitch a couple weeks ago. All of the cards for claimed teams were packaged up the same night and shipped next day. A couple people have even posted their hauls on their blogs, which is great to see.

Now, it’s time to show what’s left over. We […]