2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Case Break

Last week we got a case of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball in from Blowout Cards that we pre-ordered quite a while back.  This was an incredibly fun break, even if the case price dropped sharply after we pre-ordered.

Unfortunately, due to some unforeseen circumstances, we didn’t get any video of this break.  I know most of you prefer pictures anyway, but we like to give our blog readers options.  Anyway, you’ll have to be content with just the pics this time around.

As far as what we got, we were able to complete 2 base sets and we’re only 6 cards away from a 3rd full base set. If you have any or all of the following and would like to trade, please let us know!
15 – Marco Scutaro
105 – Mike Pelfrey
120 – Johan Santana
128 – David Ortiz
174 – Jason Heyward
181 – Tyler Colvin

Those last two hurt. So, what else did we get to make up for it?

Tons of regular refractors including 2 Strasburgs (but one has this weird zebra marking on it)

This one is fine

Someone call the zoo, we got a loose zebra

6 blue refractor base (/199):
Tim Hudson
Joe Mauer
Dustin Pedroia
Koji Uehara
Chad Billingsly
Tommy Manzella (rc)

Red (sox), white (guy), and blue (refractor)

Why couldn't you beat the Yankees?!

10 regular heritage chrome
2 Chrome Refractors /1961:
Carlos Beltran
Alex Rios
1 black refractor /61:
Alex Rios (again – already sold)

Can you believe someone bought this?

6 regular 206 chrome /999
including Evan Longoria, Mike Leake RC)
1 refractor /499:
Justin Upton
2 blue refractors /199
Josh Beckett
Carl Crawford

This blue looks really good on the 206

6 regular chicle chrome /999
including Ryan Howard, Chase Utley, Robinson Cano
3 refractors /499:
Ichiro (already sold)
Hunter Pence
Zack Greinke
1 blue refractor /199:
Chone Figgins….

Of all people...

25 total autos (1 box was missing one, but 2 boxes had 3 – 2 chrome and the usa case hit; and 3 chromes – 2 in one pack)
18 normal autos
Scott Sizemore
Mike Leake Redemption (x2)

Tyler Colvin (makes up a little for not having a third base card)

Expect a lot of vampire nicknames next year if he sucks.

Esmil Rogers
Ike Davis

People still like this guy, right? I hadn't heard much about him for a while.

Alex Burnett
Josh Donaldson
Cesar Valdez
Allen Craig
Ruben Tejada
Drew Butera
Mike McCoy
Daniel McCutchen
Brian Matusz Redemption
Kila Ka’aihue
Drew Storen (sold)
Hisanori Takahashi

5 refractor autos /499
Sergio Santos
Tommy Manzella
Kevin Russo
Chris Heisey

Austin Jackson

Action Jackson!

1 gold auto /50
Tyson Ross

The gold was meant for an Oakland card

1 USA Auto

George Springer

1 per case. I hadn't heard of any of the guys on the checklist

So…not too bad, but certainly still could have been better.  It would have been cool to see a red in there.  Or maybe a blue auto to go along with the gold, but what can you do.  All the key stuff is up on ebay already.   If you’re able to help us out with that third set, please let us know.

I’ll have a full review up soon as well.  But what are your thoughts?

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