Sporadic Posts, But Still Making Progress

Alright, I’m now into June for my scans.  We’re getting somewhere!  I might be able to make it into July before the end of the month if I’m lucky.  We’ll see.  Fingers are crossed.

Next on the list is this trade with Sam of “The Daily Dimwit” fame.  Here we begin a trio of trades centered around Gypsy Queen.  Remember when that was all new and shiny?  Er..new and matte-y? I sent some inserts and a Framed Bronze for his set needs and let’s take a look at a good portion of what I got back.

Only 11 Red stars on the bottom? Why stop there?

I really like the look of these cards.  Upper Deck will eventually do something similar with their fonts and backgrounds in their Artifacts set, but we’re not talking about that right now.  The card is set up for potential relic and auto variations, but my wallet is lucky today because that didn’t happen.  Instead it’s a classy horizontal layout with two nice pictures to keep the eyes busy.

So we meet again Old Planter

I need some mini binder pages. Anyone have some to trade?  I need at least 6.  The problem is nearly every set has a different size standard.  I hate it. I don’t like minis. I don’t like parallels, so tracking things like this down is hell for me.  Thankfully Sam made my life sooooooooo much easier by having this puppy available for trade.  Very happy about that.

So we meet again black border

<Copy> <paste> I like the picture at least, so the rainbow of minis should look cool when it’s done.

A little dinged up, just like Woody

It pains me to see Wood in an Indians uniform.  I fully understand why it happened and I don’t blame the Cubs for cutting ties at the time, but it still looks really weird.

Why? Just...why?

But this looks like a Halloween costume.  And he didn’t even get a ring for putting on this clown outfit.  So sad.

I think repack makes sense for these

I don’t get this set. I don’t mind it, but I don’t get the concept.  The die-cuts are pretty cool.  Observe.

I feel like I'm going to break this on accident

Okay, it’s not all that easy to see with a white background.  But you know that die cuts are awesome. I know they’re awesome. Do you really need more proof?  You do?  Okay, well I don’t have any from this trade to offer. Maybe later.

Suitable for framing

This is one of the cards that sparked the whole trade.  It was designed around the newly released Gypsy Queen.  I had a framed bronze Pujols from one of my two blasters, and he had this beauty and a couple other things I wanted.  Sadly there was a minor shipping mishap and some of the cards, including this one came out damaged.  Sam was great about the whole thing and even sent me a couple more cards when he heard (which I told him was completely unnecessary).  Still, I love the raised framing on these cards.  It looks nice next to my bronze Thomas.  Still looking for any of the framed Gwynns.

Thanks a lot to Sam for another great trade.  I’m sorry the whole shipping situation happened, but to anyone reading this, don’t peg that on him.  You should still send him all your Astros and UD 20th Anniversary inserts.  All of them.  I know I plan to, just not until after I catch up more.

2 comments to Sporadic Posts, But Still Making Progress

  • Play at the Plate

    Shipping mishaps happen. I got a load of cards from someone the other day and every one of them was dinged on the same corner. It happens. Sam is a good trader too.

    • Jon

      Definitely agree. It’s just something that comes with the territory sometimes. I only really brought it up because it resulted in more cards that were featured in the post. Sam’s definitely one of the good ones.

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