Sometimes You Just Need To Treat Yourself

It’s been exactly one month since our last post. This morning, Brian from Play at the Plate sent and email to check up on us to make sure we hadn’t disappeared into the abyss. That’s when you know it’s gotten bad in blogland! Fortunately for everyone involved, Jon and I are just fine. We both hit an unbelievably busy spell (as people are wont to do around the holiday season) which was coupled by some car troubles, some still-ongoing computer troubles and my own listing of over 450 records on eBay. Yes, ladies & germs, I also collect records. Because, apparently, I love making my girlfriend angry. At any rate, all that stuff sucks up time and the next thing you know, it’s a month later. We have no new cases to open until 2012 Topps (let us know if you’re looking for anything from it, of course) but our collecting lives did continue and we’ll be catching up on more additions, trades, etc. in the next couple of weeks. We even have a long-promised giveaway/box break to announce in short order to get people back in the swing of… well, of knowing we exist I guess!

But enough of the blogpologies (let’s see how many times I can include add “blog” to things), let’s see the good stuff! Like many of you out there in Blogotopia, I took the excuse of the holiday season as an opportunity to give myself a gift. I’m pretty tight with a collecting dollar as you might have guessed from my ongoing Royals On-Card Auto Collection (most of which were purchased for One eBay [that’s $.99 + shipping… 2012 is the year this unit of measure I developed will actually catch on]). In fact, when I made a recent relatively large purchase of a budding Royals prospect (who is also featured on the card I’m about to show and which you will have to wait and see what I’m talking about), Jon was surprised. “You know, you should wait a little bit on those. They always go down.”

He’s right, of course. We’ve been studying the business angle of this little hobby of ours for over a year now and I’m no dummy. The stack of failed prospects whose once-coveted rookie autos I have dwarfs the small pile of Royals star autos and I’d have to be really bad at math to be convinced to truly make a “bet” on a prospect. But that’s not what I did in this particular case. Sometimes you just have to cave in and buy the thing you want.

Is there anything more boring than a scan of a redemption? How about 1 month without any posts on your blog, jerk. ZING!!!

So yeah, it’s a semistar and a prospect on the same card. Autos. On-card autos on the same card! We have the technology! At any rate, there are only 25 of these- at least, there are only 25 of all the other dual autos I think. Going rate for the Hosmer auto from this set is about $35-$40. I paid $56 for this. It’s like getting a /25 Billy Butler auto for $15! But I also get the Hosmer auto and the base Tier One auto of him is /399. So I think I got a pretty good deal.

Yeah yeah I know. Cut to 2022 and Hosmer just served me some fries at McDonald’s… where I’m eating because I sunk all my food money into failed 2010s baseball prospects. Point is, I’m stoked about receiving this card sometime in… April? I bet it looks sweet. Because, dammit all to hell, Tier One looks sweet. And if you don’t believe me, I’ll be proving that to you in 2012. Yes. We have much to discuss.

Thanks for sticking out the drought, dear reader(s)!

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