Digging Out From the Trade Backlog (Trade with Nolan’s Dugout) – Part 1

A while back (let’s say 2+ years ago, I think?) Kyle from Nolan’s Dugout contacted me about some Topps die cuts I had for trade.  Those were the golden giveaway code redemption things you could only get online (unless you had a customer service issue and Topps sent you a ton of them as a replacement for a damaged stamped set that they no longer had).  Thanks to his patience with me, we finally ended up sending cards to each other.  This here, as the title indicates, is only part 1 containing Carlos Marmol, Greg Maddux and Tony Gwynn.   We’ll see Frank Thomas and Kerry Wood in later parts. Multiple.  It was a big trade.

Still need the gold foil versions if you might have them

It’s rare to get Carlos Marmol cards in trades anymore.  I have most of the basic ones (although, please check my want lists – They’ll be more updated very soon, so check early and check often), and unless someone’s really organized, they probably won’t naturally remember what Marmol or Dempster cards they have.  I couldn’t tell you what I have for star players for trade (although bait posts are coming).  What I’m trying to say is that I’m very appreciative of any Marmol card that comes my way.

The relics look better

I didn’t think this Diamond Connection set even had base cards.  I should be glad it does, because it’s the only one out of 13 that isn’t a relic and the only one of 13 I have now.

Not exactly a reflective surface

This set has a few relics as well, but these base cards look nice.  I love the foil board when it’s paired with certain colors like gold.

He looks tired

Topps Co-Signers is going to suck my soul away.  No joke, I need 62 more cards just from the 2006 set.  Just for Maddux. Sixty. Two.

He looks confused

Is this one of the most despised UD sets?  Some of the photo choices are decent.  I mean, Maddux is over here signing a…baseball?  While not looking.  Makes sense, considering his signature.

Add more half-stickers too

Here’s another feature I would love to see on current Topps stickers.  It could add a nice additional collection dimension to put different players on the backs.

Kinda looks like a cell phone sticking out of his pocket

There’s really not much to say about Pacific, even when it’s a card of his cover boy.

Not enough collector’s chose this year’s set

I think I got all of the preview cards before I got any from the “real” set.

I like the textured effect in the background

Early 2000s SP is far too confusing for me to follow.  All I really know is that I didn’t have this before, but now I do.  Next step is to figure out if Game Bat Edition is a different product.

Still need 12 numbered cards from this set too.

To finish it out, an appropriate tip of the cap to Kyle from Gwynn for sending him to his new home.  Stay tuned for parts 2 through ??

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