Digging Out From the Trade Backlog (Trade with Nolan’s Dugout) – Part 4

If you missed part one of the loot I received from Kyle at Nolan’s Dugout, then click on this link.  If you missed part two…here.  And three.

As a quick recap, I sent him some Topps online exclusive code giveaway die cuts, and he sent me stuff I could actually use. A lot of stuff.  So much stuff that this still isn’t going to be the last part.  We got one more.  And, we just completed another trade recently so that won’t be the last we hear from him either!

I didn’t change this text in the previous parts, but you can assume that we’ll be looking at all Kerry Wood all the time for these last two parts.  Why delay any further? Let’s look at some cards.


I opened a box of this stuff a few years ago.  For those that don’t know, the set is over 1,000 cards and features just about every person on the 40-man roster.  I think.  It’s a lot.  You’d need plenty of packs to get anywhere close to a set, or a specific card.


And you’d need a couple cases to get one of these parallels.  They fell one per pack, so…yeah.  The odds are long and this was a big surprise.

Was anyone excited about this?

Sometimes I don’t think I missed a whole lot while I was out of collecting.

Hold on to the globe

I honestly thought this was an insert card, but it’s actually from a set.  Another one of those random things that Upper Deck put out to create another product.  I guess it is kind of an “insert” in that Kerry Wood is a short print.  Maybe because they knew he would never actually be a World Series hero.  Close, though.


I wonder how popular these signature series cards were back then.  Autos weren’t nearly as prevalent as they are now, and usually the checklists were better.  I’m happy to be able to receive what most that opened it would consider the table scraps.


This one looks like a promo card.  It’s it weird that all the gold text has a fake shimmer instead of being actual foil?

Cubs won 15-2, Kerry Wood with an RBI

It’s a little strange that I got the relic card for Kerry before the base card.  If Upper Deck ever gets a chance to resurrect baseball products, I hope they consider doing Authentix again.


Same question for this as with the Donruss Signature.  Was the allure of jersey cards that powerful?  I personally still like them, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen a jersey card from this jersey edition.

Only need the Legacy #/150

We’ll end this part with what is actually one of the weaker years of Showcase.  It’s not terrible, but others are better.  Still, it’s a card I needed, so I’m happy.

And there’s still more!  I think we’ll be able to do one more part of this to finish it all off.  Are you as excited as I am?  Probably not, but it’s my blog so it’s happening.

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