Inserts I’d Like To See

We’ve been up for a week or two now, and that means it’s high time we introduce a new feature.

Most of the ideas I have for this will require photoshop skills that I simply don’t have.  So….for the first “Inserts I’d Like To See,” I’m going to make it simple.

Decoy Autographs!

I think this should pass Gellman's BS auto detector.

Look at how sweet that baby is!

Here’s the plan.  Don’t announce that some of the decoys are autographed.  That way, those losers that don’t pay attention to anything but the hits will actually throw away the greatest hit in their boxes.  And those of us that pay attention to the actual cards will get an amazing and completely unexpected surprise.

Can you imagine how cool it would be to see a dual auto come out of your Topps pack?  I bet you wouldn’t mind those David Wright “Stay in School” decoys if a couple hundred randomly had his cursive writing homework on it.

This wouldn’t really work for those pure white decoys, but so what?

It’s an insert I’d like to see.

1 comment to Inserts I’d Like To See

  • Play at the Plate

    When I first started reading, I thought you meant fake autos. Then I thought, hey, Upper Deck did that already! I think it would be a great idea. So long as they are on-card, I’m always for getting more autos in the packs.

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