A Very Beardy Christmas In June

As one of the first commenters on our little blog, Beardy (of The MojoBeard collective… they’re kind of like the Borg, but resistence is even worse than futile) holds a special place in me and Jon’s hearts. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also a video geek who also likes a team that will never win a World Series. But I digress.

A couple of months ago, we made a semi-somewhat-infamous and partially-controversial video break (and subsequent review) lambasting the lackluster 2009 National Chicle Football set for it’s oft-hilariously-bad artwork. We used less hyphenates than that, but we did pull this little gem:

Ol' Beady Eyes Mason

And, of course, we made fun of it for the C+ rendering of Mr. Mason. And, of course, we were disappointed to realize that it was signed by the artist and not… you know… someone we might actually want a football card to be signed by. So we tossed it on Sportlots with a high-eBay price on it and hoped someone would bite. No one did and, in the meantime, Beardy quietly asked if it was for trade. “No way!” we said, thinking we were sitting on a future goldmine of Brett Farr fandom. We weren’t. But we were sitting on a card that Beardy wanted and we figured he deserved the card because we never gave it the love it deserved and Beardy’s Ravens collection had a place in its heart for its little ugly head.

So off the card went, ostensibly for a Bill Madlock on-card auto and maybe a Cub auto to be named later. No big deal- we were just happy to have the card go to someone who would appreciate it. We received Beardy’s side of the trade this past week. And, let me just say, this dude went epically above and beyond.

One beard, many Cubs.

That thar isn’t just one Cub on-card auto, it’s two! Plus a couple relics and a Kevin Hart sticker auto that’s numbered and everything! For the record, I really liked Kevin Hart and was sad to see him go. He had a great name, if nothing else… though nothing compares to the name of Buck Coats, whose Bowman Chrome RC I got in a poorly-timed foray into prospecting in the mid-00’s (more on that in another post). Point is, this was a great unexpected surprise from our collecting brother from another mother and we just plain can’t say enough good things about him. Thanks Beardy and let’s keep those trade offers coming!

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