Gint-A-Cuffs II: Packs 9-16

No need to spend time sugar coating it and leading in.  You know what you’re here for.  Let’s Cuff this Gint!

Pack #9
59  Ivory Crockett – 9-second 100-yard dash – The back says he used to go to our school, SIU!
12  Jesus Flores
41  Daniel Hudson
204  Russell Martin
198  A.J. Pierzynski (-1 for getting in the way of Michael Barrett’s fist)
65  Andre Ethier

God of Stand-Up Comedy

LO6  Apollo (+3)

Broxton looks like he's going to fistbump the kid. Bad. Bad Broxie!

TDH43  Jonathan Broxton This Day in History (+1) – The first rollercoaster opens, which unfortunately ultimately led to this…

Pack Total:  +3

Pack #10

Now Press it. Press it Wood.

283  Hank Presswood (+2)
16  Carl Pavano
183  Tommy Manzella
175  Tim Lincecum
164  Kyle Blanks

I normally scan the backs of the SPs, but I forgot this time. You all know I'm not making it up anyway.

348  Asdrubal Cabrera SP (+2)

Awww, look at how surprisingly deadly he is!

NA15  Giant Panda – People’s Republic of China (+2)

About damn time we get some Cubs cards up in this piece.

TDH54  Derrek Lee This Day in History (+1 +1 FT = +2) – MLB plays it’s 100,000th game.  Oooh, baseball related.  How quaint.
Ginter code promo card (forgot to mention this in a couple packs – please don’t hold it against me)

Pack Total:  +8

Pack #11

Liam Neeson?

110  Sherlock Holmes – Detective – This looks nothing like Robert Downey Jr.  And where’s Pepper Potts?
279  Curtis Granderson (-1 Black Pinstripes)
69  Clay Buchholz
296  Barry Zito

Look! You can just barely make out a hint of blue pinstripe on the right edge!

AGR-CM  Carlos Marmol Jersey Relic (+8 X 1.2 FT =9.6) – Two Cubs relics in the same box!  And neither of them were that hack Samardzija!   By the way, I’ve already decided that if Ryan Theriot gets traded (and many think he will), that I will replace collecting him with Carlos Marmol.  More on that later if it happens.

Uncle O Dog Wants You!

66  Orlando Hudson Black Border Mini (+3)

Guys, I think that picture of Butler can be a little smaller. Work on that.

TDH71  Billy Butler This Day in History (+1) – Old Yankee Stadium opens.  This doesn’t count against me, does it?  I assume there is no active Yankee with this birthday.

Pack Total:  +12.6

Pack #12

He's Betel. He's bad as can and he knows he's the best.

68  Betelgeuse – Heavenly body (+1) – We were going to send this out to Michael Keaton for a TTM, but then we found him on a list of celebrities that don’t sign.
57  Jacoby Ellsbury
188  Jason Bartlett
118  Eric Young Jr.
1  Adam Lind

Back to scanning backs of SPs

321  Carlos Gomez SP (+2)

Are we sure the odds of getting an A&G back aren't much much better than getting a regular mini?

69  Clay Buchholz A&G Back mini (+2)

My Grandma, what tiny hands you have!

MM1  Tyrannosaurus Rex (+3) – Yeah, buddy.  Two minis.  And a T-Rex Dino card to boot!  That makes up for the missing mini from before, I guess.

Peavy's season went down like the Titanic: With a detached muscle

TDH40  Jake Peavy This Day in History (+1) – The Titanic sets sail.  Some time later, little girls paid lots of money to see it sink over and over again.

Pack Total:  +9

Pack #13
105  Nicolaus Copernicus – Astronomer
262  Zack Greinke
90  Kevin Kouzmanoff
178  Josh Hamilton

Doing what he does best - holding the bat like a tea cup.

157  Kevin Youkilis (+2 FP)

Did you really have to sketch that dude's arm? There wasn't an unobstructed photo you could use?

AGHS4  Mariano Rivera Baseball Highlights Sketch (+3 -1 Creepy Smile = +2)

Another injured player. Curse of the TDIH cards

TDH34 Troy Tulowitzki This Day in History (+1) – The US Naval Academy opens.  Can’t think of a comment for that one.  Consider yourselves lucky.

Pack Total:  +5 (and no mini once again….)

Pack #14
201  Pablo Sandoval – But I already got the Giant Panda card…

Holliday ro-O-o-O-o-oad

51  Matt Holliday (+2 FP)
44  Chris Coghlan
13  B.J. Upton
196  Scott Baker

Boy, this SP checklist ain't so hot. I guess that's better than punishing player collectors by putting all the Longorias, etc in there.

307  Akinori Iwamura SP (+2)
1  Adam Lind mini

A modern day Eric Gagne

TDH26  Francisco Rodriguez This Day in History (+1) – Galileo observes 3 of Jupiter’s moons.  What have you ever discovered?

Pack Total:  +5

Pack #15
199  Summer Sanders – Champion Swimmer
25  Max Scherzer
210  Chris Johnson
217  James Shields
186  Jose Reyes
5  Edwin Jackson
60  Chris Davis mini

I don't follow AL. Is he good again this year?

TDH10  David Ortiz This Day in History (+1 +2 FP = +3) – Time Zones established.  One lousy card to give me points. We’re going to win with that!  Good thing it wasn’t a Yankee or else we’d be sitting with zero.

Pack Total:  +3 – Couldn’t even count on the mini to give us any points.  At least there WAS one.

Pack #16
78  Leonardo Da Vinci – Artist & Scientist – I believe we all know what he did, besides fighting off Shredder and Krang
80  Will Venable
194  Nyjer Morgan

Beautiful shot of a check swing strike.

274  Nick Markakis (+2 FP)
132  David Price
240  Aaron Hill

Shocker! Another A&G back

218  Todd Helton A&G Back mini (+2)

You already got your song.

TDH48  Matt Holliday This Day in History (+1 +2 FP = +3) – Elizabeth I is crowned queen.  Enh.

Pack Total:  +7

Grand Total so far:  +70.6 +52.6 = +125.2

I’d say we’re making a respectable showing at the 2/3rds mark.  And we couldn’t do much better than snagging TWO cubs relic cards in the same box!  We still haven’t uncovered every hit, so the hope is alive.  It may be a lost cause unless there are 4 more hits, a wood mini, printing plate, the entire mythical creatures and celestial stars sets, some Topps employee autos, and a Strasburg pie in the face SP made from actual pie crust…or two, but we’ll see.  Maybe Beardy will accidentally lose a couple of hits between now and posting.

You’ll just have to wait and see.  I won’t post the last 8 packs until next week.  I’ll be over at the Pitchfork Music Festival most of the weekend, so you’re stuck biting your nails for a little while longer.  I can feel the tension from here.

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