Gint-A-Cuffs II: Packs 17-24

It all comes down to this.  Can we overcome the bearded one?  Since the Code has already been cracked, this is the only hope we have left for this product.  Sitting in 8 little powder blue packs.  Cuff it up, muthacuffers!!!!

Pack #17

I don't know why, but I all of a sudden have the urge to play croquet.

104  Mahlon Duckett (+2) – I believe the only Negro League player left to pull is Zapp
115  Trevor Hoffman
52  Gavin Floyd

Try using that thing on your shoulder more effectively this half, will ya? No...your other shoulder.

160  Derrek Lee (+1 FT) – Aside from the hits, this box has been lacking on the Cubs cards, hasn’t it?
169  Felix Hernandez

Okay, Weaver! You can either keep your Red Snapper or go with what's in the box!

328  Jered Weaver SP (+2)

Alleged Cubs hater/Alleged jokester? Wow, I don't care.

TDH24  Joey Votto This Day in History (+1 +2 FP = +3) – Lou Brock sets the stolen base record.  The kid is not amused as he knows Rickey Henderson is right around the corner.  Followed by Willy Mays Hays.
Ginter code promo card

Pack Total:  +8 (and again, missing the mini!!!)

Pack #18
163  Raul Ibanez
9  Kelly Kulik – Professional Bowler
200  Lance Berkman
36  Victor Martinez
276  Daniel Runzler

Have I already mentioned that it seems really easy to pull SPs in this stuff?

343  Brad Penny SP (+2)
259  Scott Feldman mini


TDH1  Chase Utley This Day in History (+1 +2 FP = +3) – The Wright Brothers at Kitty Hawk make flight a possibility for everyone except for those scrubs in the minors.  They have to ride the bus.

Pack Total:  +5

Pack #19
125  Hideki Matsui – thankfully no longer a Yankee
241  Derek Lowe
250  Magglio Ordonez
145  Jim Thome
123  Mariano Rivera (-1 for still wearing #42)

Forgot to scan this one initially. I guess you could say I GLAUSSED over it!

329  Troy Glaus SP (+2)

We got tons of this guy in our boxes overall

14  Shane Victorino A&G Back mini (+2)

I still want to punch that kid in the face. Is that wrong?

TDH64  Josh Hamilton This Day in History (+1) – Charles Lindbergh completes his Trans-Atlantic flight.  Baby and “hop” to follow.

Pack Total:  +4

Pack #20
31  Miguel Montero mini – Whaaa?  A mini at the front of the pack?  Too bad it’s a non-scoring one.
211  Johnny Strange – Mountain Climber – This pack IS strange
197  Johnny Damon (-1 for being a caveman looking mub)
146  Carlos Lee
77  Ricky Romero

This is not the National you're looking for.

AGA-JW  Josh Willingham Auto (+15) – I really know nothing about the guy, but I’m plenty happy to see his pulse scrawled in blue on this card.

We ended up with 2 copies of this A&G back. Take that, odds!

89  Joel Pineiro A&G Back mini (+2) – 2 minis in the pack and an auto.  Things are looking up!

He's not looking. Pitch it into his eyeball!

TDH75  Mariano Rivera This Day in History (+1 -1 Blankity Blankees = 0) – President Johnson sets up the Warren Commission.  That worked out.

Pack Total:  +16

Pack #21
262  Zack Greinke
259  Scott Feldman

I will always pronounce his name as it looks.

311 Chone Figgins SP (+2)

You can't beat that with a bat (relic)!

AGA-HP  Hank Presswood Autograph (+15 +2 Negro League = +17) – Wow!  Just….wow!  Not only did we get two autos in the box.  Not only were they in back to back packs, but one of them was Hank Presswood!  You really can’t get much cooler than that.

Looks more striped from this angle.

NA46 – Ring Tailed Lemur – Madagascar (+2) – That movie was “enh.”

I think this is the fourth injured player on the TDIH cards, or am I counting him twice since this is a double?

TDH34  Troy Tulowitzki This Day in History (+1) – Already got this one in the box.  That’s not going to take away from the glory of the Presswood!
Ginter code promo

Pack Total:  +22

Pack #22
28  Felipe Lopez
271  King Tut – Egyptian Pharaoh/Classic song

I only just now noticed the period after the last name.

138 Javier Vazquez (+2 FP -1 bad Yankee pickup)
182  Chris Carpenter
19  Tommy Hanson
273  David DeJesus

Iwamura hot box

307  Akinori Iwamura SP mini (+3)

"Holy Shit! Man Walks on Fucking Moon!"

TDH20  CC Sabathia This Day in History (+1 -1 Damn Yankee = 0)

Pack Total:  +4

Pack #23

Glad he's somebody's favorite player.

70  Joey Votto  (+2 FP)
205  Meb Keflezighi – Marathon Running Champ
154  Juan Francisco
127  Albert Pujols – I like that he’s worth nothing in this contest!
298  Jorge Cantu

It sill looks better than the Tom Hanks as Andre Ethier sketch card

AGHS15  David Murphy Baseball Highlight Sketch (+3) – This picture is not kind to Mr. Murphy

Another one of the "Stars of Land Before Time XXXIV" insert set

MM9 Apatosaurus (+4) – These cards look nice, but this one shows that the standardized rocks and volcano setting take up way too much room.  There’s hardly any space left for this giant dino with that massive rock in the foreground.

That could be anybody behind that mask

TDH17  Joe Mauer This Day in History (+1 +2 FP = +3) – The American Revolution begins.  The original “Shot Heard ‘Round the World.”

Pack Total:  +12 – Not a bad total for a pack with no hit!

Pack #24 – It’s do or die time!
20  Sacagawea – Interpreter & Guide – Future commemorative plate subject
216  Jordin Sparks – Pop Singer – Her father was in the NFL, so I guess this is close…
147  Cristian Guzman
136  Garrett Jones
126  Chipper Jones

a/k/a Not a Cub

336  Hiroki Kuroda SP (+2)

Black Bordered Not a Cub

171  Michael Young Black Border mini (+3 +3 FP mini = +6)

Not A Cub holding a whiffle ball bat

TDH11  Jason Bay This Day in History (+1) – Magellan sets sail to circumnavigate the globe.

Pack Total:  +9

Grand Total:  +70.6 +54.6 +80 = +205.2

Alright, so unless Beardy is disqualified for using a corked 25 pack box, it’s not going to win the competition, but it’s still a very respectable showing.  I wouldn’t be surprised to see us amongst the top ten or possibly five.  The box we opened on video came in very close second, but was still below 200 points.  Surprisingly, out of the six we opened, that was the only one with any Ryan Howard cards (our choice for Favorite Player).  I thought he’d be much more prevalent.  I was also hoping to see him show up in N43 form, but alas.

We hope you enjoyed this foray into all things Ginter.  We now return you to regularly scheduled programming…which will include a video box break and full review of 2010 Allen & Ginter.  What do you mean other cards exist?

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