Group Break aka Community Break Details

Out of the three people nice enough to vote on whether or not I should host a group break, a solid ZERO voted for it to happen.

So, what am I going to do?  I’m going to hold a no pressure group break.  Actually, let’s tie it into the blog and call it a “Community Break.”

Here’s how it’ll all work.  I’m going to keep it open for a week if people to join and buy up a team.  After that, I’ll just keep whatever teams are left and hopefully trade them off for more quality stuff.

The cost for each team will be a flat rate of $10.00 (which will also pay for the shipping).  The only team that will be lower is the Braves, at $6.00.  This is because I’m keeping all the Maddux I find, but you should still have a plethora of Chipper, Glavine, Smoltz and maybe Sheffield.  Oh, and Expos = Nationals, of course.

I reserve the right to reduce the price for unclaimed teams as the deadline approaches.  I’m also going to institute a two team maximum.

The box breaks will be done on video where you can see the cards and not my ugly mug.

Any multi-team cards will be randomed off if it could go to two or more different people.  If it’s between me and someone else, the someone else gets it (the only exception is Maddux which I will take and compensate you for in other ways).  If some other unforeseen circumstance arises, we’ll take a community vote as to how it should be handled.

Here’s what’s currently included in the break:
1997 Fleer Series 2 Hobby (Ortiz RC for those that care – keep in mind he’s with the TWINS on this card)
1999 UD Ionix
(2 boxes) 2002 Topps Total Hobby (David Wright and Mauer RCs for those that care)
2004 UD Vintage Retail (means no Old Judge cards)
2008 UD Masterpieces Hobby

There’s still an off chance that I might be able to include a 2004 Topps Total Hobby box as well (O-Pee-Chee is out for this one), but most likely it’s just those 5 products.  If I do add the extra box, the cost to you is the same.  That’s 6 boxes for 5 products for only $10.00.  Hopefully that’s reasonable.

If you want to know who you could potentially expect for your teams, here are the main set checklists broken down by team.  I couldn’t find any single-link-per-set reference for the insert sets or hits.

I’ll keep this open until next Friday, August 20, 2010.  Payment (paypal preferred, email me to arrange something else) wouldn’t be due for another week or so after that.

So, yeah!  The very first Community Break is open!  Tell your friends and leave a comment if you’re in and for what team.  Also feel free to call dibs on teams for trading if no one picks it up.

Ready????? BREAK!!!

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