What Part of the Jersey Is This?

Take a look at this bad boy I won on ebay not too long ago.

Not just your ordinary gray swatch

I was going through my typical ebay searches, when I saw this Marmol relic up for auction.  The oddity of it (I’ll call it a “tag” for simplicity sake) caught my eye immediately, as it would anyone else.  And my skepticism peaked, just like anyone else as well.

Here’s why I think it’s legitimate:
1) There was no mention of this tag anywhere in the title or the description of the auction.  This to me is huge and the main reason I jumped in with a bid.  Scammers would assuredly put the word “tag” in there somewhere to get the traffic.
2) It was a free 99 cent auction, not an inflated BIN – nor was there a BIN option
3) The seller only had a handful of cards
4) The cards the seller had were nothing special and wasn’t trying to move all kinds of low numbered patch crap
5) The seller had other heritage stuff up comparable to a few boxes worth.

Now, I know number 5 isn’t a strong argument for my side, but it does lead me to believe it came from a pack more so than if this was the only heritage piece up for sale.  If this was it, I’d be more inclined to think that the buyer bought it from someone else to flip.  Because this was listed with a few other hits, some random chromes and some SPs being sold as singles.  Not the portfolio of a criminal mastermind.  But hey, I could have been ripped off nonetheless.

So, running under the assumption that this sucker is real, what part of the jersey is it?

It kind of looks like some sort of tag.  It feels like an iron on of some sort and has a little clear border past the white (which you can kind of tell…).  My first instinct is that the “c” is part of the word “Majestic.”  But that doesn’t help me too much.

I tried looking up photos of regular and game used full jerseys for sale (in Cubs road gray) online and I didn’t see anything that would match up.  If it’s there, it must be facing in or from a different jersey year/manufacturer than what I saw pictured.

Is there someone out there that knows more about this kind of stuff to tell me what I have?

***In other news, the boxes for the group break are opened.  I’m still waiting on payment from two people (deadline on Friday) and I’ll start posting some of it next week!  I also have at least 3 trades to post, with more on the way!  So stay tuned.***

4 comments to What Part of the Jersey Is This?

  • Gary

    If the tag is more of a sticker than a patch (as it appears), I think it comes from the spring training jersey. I have a Pirates version of this (the actual jersey, not a card), and this is what the tag looks like. The jersey is a dri-fit type of material, with stripes going down the armpit and sides of the jersey. Hope this helps.

    • Jon

      Gary, that helps a ton! I think I’ll go with your reasoning there. It would make sense that they got a spring training jersey (since they seem to get more non-MLB type jerseys). But, regardless of the type, it’s still a really cool little piece embedded in there. Thanks!

  • john laf

    I believe it is the laundry tag off of his 2008 all star jersey… I had a 2008 updates and highlights all star jersey card with an almost identical piece of jersey (different player)… it was confirmed in a picture that I can no longer find to be the laundry tag… iron on… that is on the lower left hand side of the jersey

    • Jon

      Ok, Gary’s explanation sounded good, but yours sounds better. I did an ebay search of 2008 all star jerseys and the tag does seem to match up pretty nicely to the ones they show there (which aren’t from the game, but rather the other festivities/warm-ups, etc. Of course, if that’s the case, then the card could be lying by saying it’s game used, but who really cares as long as it’s authentic. Thanks, John!

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