I Hope You Brought Frankincense And Myrrh

Because, I’m bringing the mutha effin’ gold, suckas!

Hopefully one of many hit leader-ings

Like this one, and a bunch more that you’re about to see.

I opened two boxes of the Topps Minis (plenty still available for trade), and even though I got about 10 of the #/61 parallels, none of them were players I collected.  So, to Ebay I went.  Oddly, most of them, despite the rarity, are going for regular gold parallel prices.  I guess with Update out, that’ll be my next conquest.

Mini madness

And, I guess when that time comes, my scans will look a lot like these.  Maybe I should have shown the backs.  For the record, I think these two Starlins ran me about $5 each, making them the most expensive of the mini golds you’ll see.

Starlin is disgusted with what he sees.

In typical Series 2 fashion, there’s a more limited version of the relics.  For 2012, Topps took its gold sparkle effect and slathered it over the insert-y jersey holders.  It looks a little better in person than in the scan, and oddly the pinstripe looks less crooked, too.

2010, back when he was slightly more reliable.

Okay, so this has been sitting around in my folders for a long time.  I can tell, because it’s sized smaller than most of the rest.  I’ve started scanning with a higher resolution.  I don’t even remember where this came from.  It might have been a batch of low-priced items from the same seller situation.

Good year for the Cubs. Could have been better, but still good.

The register on the Cubs dots is quite a bit off, isn’t it?  That’s alright, it still looks better than the normal 2008 design.  Carlos had 2 gold cards this year thanks to his first All-Star selection. I’ve already shown that other one in a prior post, so you’re spared.

Sweet hair scan, dude.

Normally I like being able to tell what game my cards came from, but not when it ruins the look of the damn thing.  Those Fourth of July hats are absolutely hideous.  I’m not looking forward to seeing x number of parallels of this.

Exhibit: B

C’mon, Topps.  Do me a solid and cover that cap with your digitized matrix pee.

Exhibit: S - for Silk

That’s just about right.  You know, I like the silk collection stuff, but I wish the checklist wasn’t so deep.  50 players in each series is a tad much.  At least they’re cheap.


And here we have photographic evidence of a crazy prospector finding a mother lode of pyrite.


And this is a shot of Kerry being mad at me for messing up the scan on a mini.


Hey, look, another silk with the “gold” covering.  You know what bothers me about these things?  Those little diagonal white lines in the corners.  I always think of a bend or weird scratch happened to the surface.  A little light blue coloring would have eased my paranoid mind.

One more digi-pee.

Well, I guess with his mid-season move to the Rangers, my gold rushing days for Dempster aren’t quite over.  This one, and the others you saw were pretty easy to find.  I bought them from our case breaking.

Cornering the market

Once again, here’s the mini gold.  I actually ended up winning two of these thanks to a lack in record keeping.  If anyone that’s actually read this far actually wants one, it’s up for trade until I get around to selling it.

Blurry gold

I probably should have re-scanned this.  I believe I won this for less than 5 bucks shipped and it came in a thick magnetic holder, wrapped in bubble wrap, surrounded by cardboard and inside a bubble mailer.  I figured I’d honor the seller’s diligence by scanning it in its cage.

cheddar-y pringle

Gold chrome refractors are the best looking refractors.  Yes, that includes blue on Cubs cards.  It feels like such an accomplishment to add another gold to my collection.  It’s happened the most with Ryan, because it’s that much cheaper.  If finances allow it, I’m going to gun for a few more of these for my other players.

See? Easy!

I’ve slowly racked up quite a few of the 2009 Finest parallels, but yet I still don’t have the two most basic versions of the card.  Funny how these things work, sometimes.

Almost his jersey number

Last one for you guys in this gold-stravaganza.  I’ve been on the hunt for this for quite some time.  One day, my ebay alert popped up and I pounced very quickly.  It was one of the few times I went for the Buy It Now option.  What can I say, if the price is right and the card is rare enough, I have a hard time saying no.  Would you say no to that card’s face?

These are my offerings to you in this holiday season.  I hope you all are having a good holiday and new years season.  Thanks to a lot of these cards, and more to come (largely from you people), my collecting year was fantastic.

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