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We almost adopted a cat recently.  We were planning to wait until we get a house, but while shopping for our parents’ pets, we saw this certain cat.  He was 9 years old and was given up by his previous owners simply because they had a kid and didn’t want to take care of both.

That kind of story makes me a little upset.  I would understand if the cat was attacking the kid, or if they had to move to a place that didn’t allow cats, but instead they decided to take the easy way out and abandon the family pet.

Our current apartment doesn’t allow dogs, which is what we really want.  They do allow cats, although they want it to be de-clawed.  That’s really not something either of us are comfortable with.  We were going to try to work with the anti-cruelty society, but when we called them we got the news that the cat was adopted already.

Honestly, that’s okay with me.  We were disappointed, but the most important thing is that the older cat was able to find another home.  That’s what it’s all about.

And that’s what trading cards is all about.  Making sure something that someone doesn’t want, finds a good home.  That’s why trading is a bloggers’ best friend.

Lovers, not fighters

Night Owl is good at delivering some of those unwanted cards to people’s doors with his wings.  Like this other best friend.

I don’t know how many of you watch Too Cute on Animal Planet, but they recently had an episode with Boxer puppies and now I can only think of the half-sized Peanut they showed.  That episode also had Cairn Terrier puppies, which is what my parents have and is why I’m looking for another copy of the Toto card from 2011 A&G.

10 more doggie cards

While I’m on the subject, here are all the puppy cards I bought from our case break.  So many great breeds.  We may end up with a real Boston Terrier one of these days.

Back to the trade.  It wasn’t all about four-legged animals.  Greg threw in a few two-legged ones as well.

I didn't know this existed

Let’s see if I can do this right.



Look at this.  Red, white, and blue, just like an American card should be.  What’s that?  It’s a UK mini.  As I was saying, red, white, and blue like a British card should be.

Not looking good. On several levels.

TRIIIIIIPPPLLL-oh, forget it.  I think we need a bit more head room on Tony, guys.  It’s slightly interesting to see the ball, but you know he’s not going to catch it, so crop a little tighter and keep us guessing and hoping.

This is why there aren't many fielding pictures of Frank

Huh-huh. Premier But.

Unlicensed, but I don't care

As far as I know, this Autograph Series doesn’t have any actual autographs, it’s just a facsimile on the back.  FT is looking up in amazement.  Still, it’s a food issue oddball, which I absolutely love.

Deep Thoughts by Frank Handey

“Remember that one time, back in 1992, when they claimed it was an ‘Autograph Series’ but…I didn’t sign any cards.  Wait!  This isn’t Chicago!”

Can we get another art set? Triple Play isn't enough

Okay, one last four-legged animal in the form of an elephant.  An elephant that will now be on the Athletics’ spring training caps.

That’s what we call full circle, my best friends.

5 comments to A Blogger’s Best Friend

  • We have 2 boxers that actually look similar to the ones on the A&G card. They like to sit and watch Animal Planet, especially Too Cute. I’m pretty interested to see if I can catch the episode of the Boxer puppies!

  • It’s really simple, if my animals are not welcome, my ass ain’t movin!!I know of someone that is trying to find a home for a French Bulldog right now for the same reason. Had a kid and doesn’t wnt the dog to suffer for lack of attention. I want to ask them what the #$@$ is going to happen when they have a second kid, give the first one up so he doesn’t suffer the same!??!!???

    I haven’t had much luck with one of our local animal shelters either, have looked at two or three different dogs only to be told this one needs this or that one needs that, I finally asked the woman if she was out of her mind CAUSE they ALL needed HOMES!!! Gimme a BREAK!!

  • My daughter watches AP’s Too Cute non-stop. I think she has some sort of exclusive deal where the channel runs it on a 24-hour nonstop loop just for her.

  • Play at the Plate

    Animal Planet is on all the time at my house. We got my youngest son a dog from the SPCA for Christmas. He’s deaf and has partial sight in one eye, but he’s darn cute and loves to play with our other dog and the kids.

  • […] were to get a dachshund type dog, I think we’d have to go with Pickles.  Just like my last puppy post, it’s inspired by the Animal Planet series Too Cute.  I prefer more creative names, but my […]

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