No More Trades

Not for a while at least.  I have some packages due to Cards on Cards and Cardboard Junkie, and I’ll be sure to send some stuff off to them, but after that I’m going to go on a self-imposed hiatus.

It’s not anything to do with my impending move, either.  Well, partly, I guess.  Really it has more to do with the growing backlog.

You guys have been great to me lately, and I’m struggling to keep up.

The good news is once I’m through with this little exile, I have some big, great trade bait.  Hope you like online exclusive die-cuts!  There are plenty to go around.  Oh, and a housewarming group break.  Those are tales for another time.

For now, I’ll tell the tale of the Night Owl Trade.  I actually have two such tales to tell, but first is this little ditty from either late December or Early January.

A fine start

Okay, it’s not going to be a story as much as it is going to be me talking about cards that were sent to me in exchange for other cards.

I know many people are in the “free the finest” camp.  I guess I understand that mentality, but I’m in the “leave it the way it comes” camp.  I did peel a couple of my finest basketball cards as a kid, and boy was there a debate about what that did to the value of the cards.  My feeling now is more about original vs. modified, and I prefer original.

Avg leader on the road or GTFO!

Two things I hate.  Prominent ads on baseball cards and way too specific statistics.  Who cares about the average leader at home?  Sure, baseball professionals might care about the splits for their scouting, but baseball scouts aren’t using cards as homework.  Or at least I hope not.  Maybe the Cubs do.


I’m alright with this stat mention, because it’s interesting and potentially useful trivia.  It’s a record that has been broken and can be broken again, and some people may actually care that it did or when it will happen.  No one will remember the avg leader at home for any year.

Shine it up

Michael Jordan has the tongue.  Starlin Castro has the top teeth.  The overbite?  I haven’t purchased a single pack of 2012 chrome.  When there’s only one of 7 players I collect in the product, that’s going to happen.  That Panini Prizm, however, has 4 of 7, so I plan to pick some of that up.

"I'm happy" -- Droopy Wood

I probably have this card sitting in an abandoned set waiting to be disbursed to all the 2008 set builders.  But since I haven’t broken it up or bothered to look, Greg took pity on me and saved me the trouble.

My older chrome collection is severely lacking

I tend to forget about Kerry’s days as an Indian.  It’s easy to look past them when you have sparkly squares staring back at you.  Hypnotizing.  I usually typically pick favorites out of the batch anymore, but it’s hard not to choose this one.  X-Fractors are simply too cool.

Don't strain anything

Lastly, we have the cardboard representation of my expression once I get through this trading backlog.  Only about 15 more to go, including another from Night Owl.  Hopefully I’ll do a better job with my storytelling next time.

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