Valentine’s Day Cards

Sure, I know it’s Labor Day, but I’ve never been on time with things.  Besides, I didn’t get any cards for Labor Day.  Double besides, I labored plenty on that last post.  That lengthy sucker took about a week to put together.  Triple besides, when else would I have the opportunity to show off these cards if not for another holiday?

So, yeah.  This past February my wife decided to buy her own Valentine’s Day gift.  I couldn’t tell you what it was, but I do know that she was happy with it, and that meant I could buy my own V-Day gift.  $40 to play with however I wanted.

I considered getting a cheaper box of something.  I considered getting a couple blasters.  My consideration brought me to the realization that those options would be fun, but possibly this money would have been better served beefing up my collections.  So, my $40 gift landed me only two cards.  Two great new cards.

Surprisingly the more expensive of the two

First up is this gold die cut unlocked through last year’s online-only code promotion thingy.  These numbered cards can be pretty hot commodities, at least on the site.  I think they look damn nice off the site, too.  The back features a special “Golden Moment.”  Starlin’s is the he started off the season with an on-base streak of 40 consecutive games.  Basically, it’s talking about last year when he was good.  He’s had an off-season, and I think he’ll get back on track in 2014.

Kamm Lammm?

The second card is this sweet, shiny Karim Garcia autograph from Stadium Club.  It fits perfectly into my brand new Karim Kar-d Kar-llection.  Now, let’s take a look at what the back of this talks about.

Why didn't Tony get the shiny side?

Oh, right.  Yeah, this makes more sense.  Tony Gwynn autographs are surprisingly cheap.  I knew I could get one for under $20.  That’s exactly what I did, too.  This here co-signer is now my oldest Gwynn auto and the third added to my collection.  Not too bad for this early on, but it wouldn’t be my last.

That’s a story for another time.  I’ve done enough work for today.  Happy Labor Day everybody!  And Happy Valentine’s Day, too!

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