The Calm Before The Storm

Do you feel that?

There’s a very strange look to sky and something is definitely in the air.

Yeah….  Yeah, I think it’s going to rain.  I think it’s about to start raining strikeouts on this blog pretty soon.

Kid K’s to be precise.

As in through 2 separate transactions, I added over 150 Kerry Wood cards to my collection.  One of these days it’s going to be pouring.  The flags are out. The warning messages are interrupting your TV shows.

But for now, while you seek shelter and stock up on canned goods, I’m going to show just one.

You may get sick of seeing this guy's face soon

This Gold Medallion checklist came from the great Nachos Grande.  He’s in the middle of a storm of his own over there, what with his latest group break sprinkling cards on top of the masses.  I unfortunately wasn’t able to take part, but hopefully I’ll be able to dive in next time or the time after.  I don’t remember if I traded anything to Nachos to get this card, but I’m pretty sure it was a randomly sent one.  Very cool addition, nonetheless.

Hopefully with all the trade bait that I hope to be posting, we’ll find something he wants in return.

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