2015 NSCC #4 – We Are Good

We Are Good.

It’s such a simple statement.  Yet, it’s an accurate one.  I’m not sure which Cubs player started using it, but I think it’s overtaken the “Let’s Go” motto that the marketing companies got paid a pile of cash to create as the victory cry this year.  And we’re crying a lot.

As of August 23rd, the Cubs were 20 games over .500.  I’m not going to do deep research on this, but the last time we ended a season that far up was 2008.  We haven’t had a winning season since 2009.  We’re currently two wins away from our total from all of last year, with a little over a month left to play.

It’s exciting to watch this team.  We assumed that these days were on their way, but it’s happening faster than I personally expected.  I’ve touched on it on a previous post, and I’m still not fully convinced that we’ll make the playoffs, but the odds are inching closer to our favor, and that’s just…fun!

What’s more exhilarating to me is the thought of what will happen in the future.  The prospects we’ve brought up this year are producing pretty well.  It’s very rare to have this level of success from highly touted young players.  To think what the team can be if you have a fully developed squad of Rizzo, Bryant, Soler, Schwarber, and Russell — well, it’s going to be a good few years.

To celebrate this 20 win cushion, let’s look at some cards I got at the NSCC from the year twenty-oh-oh (hey, I’m trying to think of “creative” ways to present all these cards – give me a little break).  I really hoped I had 20 of them to round it all out, but I fell a few short.

This refractor will look badass

Considering we are not very far removed from being a 100+ loss team (2012), and considering we’re playing with a half-rookie lineup, it’s easy to say this year certainly has been a meteoric rise.

Not quite king of the castle…yet

I don’t think we’ll be crowned division winners this year, but fingers crossed for next year.

Lift with your knees.

Our techniques still need work (I know it’s tough to read, but trust me, it says technique).  A lot of our hitters are hovering around .250, and Castro needs a big boost to get back to the .280 to .300 hitter he should be.  Still, when the development takes hold, you better watch out.

Ultimate Victory? A little premature for that

This picture is how my mind feels about this season.  Not starstruck, but it feels like I’m in an alternate dimension with all kinds of cool things happening all around me.

I don’t know what these numbers mean

I’m pretty sure people still play this game and make new cards.  I wonder what the new rookies’ stats would be

Tony’s walk range is lower than expected

I’d love to see someone try to put together a contemporary baseball collectible card game again.  Attax doesn’t count.

Love these die cuts

Okay, no one on the team is close to 3,000 hits, but Rizzo might get home run #100 this year.

So many versions I still need

And, I don’t think that we’ll have anyone winning a batting title this year.  Rizzo’s the closest and he’s at 18th with a .291 avg.

Not as shiny as you might think

Diamond Mine.  Good way to describe the Cubs farm system.  Just hope there’re still more gems to be found.

One of my favorite gold medallion parallels

Gold Medallion.  What the scouting and drafting personnel deserve for forming the Diamond Mine.

That overlap doesn’t work, but acetate is nice.

Yeah…they certainly aren’t swing kings, but it’s great to have a couple players on the team that can threaten for future HR crowns.

I think they scanned a high school text book and put a baseball player on top.

The Hit Brigade has been out in full force lately.  We’ve had a lot of high scoring games (even in the two losses to the Tigers).  Stay hot, boys.  Stay hot.

I dare someone to try these in their computer

Don’t worry, we’re almost done with this exercise.  Power through it.

Looks like a slide show’s a comin’

I don’t know about the Statitude, but there is a palpable chemistry with this team.  They have a great attitude and use that to come back, or at least close big deficits.

What a great moment that must have been to watch

I don’t recall any specific curtain calls during games this year, and maybe that’s a good thing.  We go about our business and let the next guy have his own moment.  Of course, there have been a lot of close games and walk-offs, so maybe all the curtain call worthy moments came at the end anyway.

Hate to show a Cardinal in this Cubs love fest

As I’ve said, I don’t necessarily think this year is the year.  I’ll be thrilled if I’m wrong.  Regardless, this team has me excited about the future and I’m hopeful that a decade from now, we’ll be reflecting on a great period in Cubs history.

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