Digital De-Cluttering – Greg Maddux Edition

Fall is upon us, and while the rodents are filing their cheeks getting ready for winter, I’m over here trying to get rid of some things.  Hopefully soon this will translate into showing some trade bait on the blog, but for the time being I’m going to settle for cleaning up some of my collections folders.

Throughout the years of blogging, I’ve either obtained a small amount of cards, or I’ve posted most cards from a package but not all.  That leaves a bunch of “master files” taking up space, waiting for inspiration to strike or a theme to tie them together.

I know this means nothing to you, but this post (and the others to follow) help ease my mind by cleaning out those folders a little bit and making me feel like I’m making progress in showing everything in my collection.  For Maddux, I still have 128 multi-card scans left after this… It’s a big collection.


Terrible design year

We start with a normal, run of the mill Topps base card.  I’ve shown an Atlanta Braves team version of this, but not this one.


Floating Head

Back in 2011, I got this card from a seller on ebay.  But…it wasn’t the one I actually ordered.  This was from one of those bigger stores that has a ton of BIN listings.  I grabbed a few tougher cards and padded with parallels at the reduced combined shipping.


Gold Floating Head

When I told the seller of the mistake, they made good very quickly and let me keep the original and sent this gold stamped one from the Timeline set.



My first, and still as of now only, Super Chrome.  I never took it out of it’s the holder it came in. Partly because I didn’t have a better protection for it, but also because it’s Tamper proof!  You can’t tamper with it!


Hellickson isn’t quite living up to these expectations

We opened cases of Topps from 2010 through 2012.  We still have a TON of the stuff.  This was one of them.



Baseball Heroes is a box I would love to bust.  I’ve seen a couple packs come my way through old repacks, but that’s about it.  This actually came from an old trade with Cards From the Quarry.  Only a million parallels to go.


That’s some career

This Target throwback parallel was from him too.  The last two Maddux cards from that trade I didn’t show evidently.


Still some career

Lastly, we have another card back from an old ebay purchase.  I’m showing it because it’s from the San Diego team set of 2008.  The front is a slightly different crop from the main set card, but not enough to be noticeable.  So, you get the “sad one.”

Don’t you be sad, though.  I’ll be back soon with some more de-cluttering.

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