Another Non-National Card Show Post

I went to a new sort of local card show back in May. Well, it’s not a new show.  It’s new to me.  Located in Orland Park, this has been going on every month for some time.  I’ve thought about making the trek out, but couldn’t convince myself to drive that far for an unknown.

Clearly, I pulled the trigger and I’m glad I did, just for the experience.  The show itself was lackluster. It’s advertised as 70 tables for $1 admission, but I don’t think it was close to 70 tables.  The ones that were there were filled with new Bowman leftovers, a couple of decently priced new wax box spots, and more football than I care to see.  The amount of tables that catered to my interests, and had good prices could be counted on one hand.

Still I made the most of it and came away with a small stack of cards.  Here’s part 1 of my haul.


Now you’re playing with Ultra Power

Loyal fans of the blog will know that I’m slowly working on collecting just about every 1995-96 basketball insert set.  This just happened to finish off Ultra Power, but was the only card I needed in the budget b-ball box.


I REFUSE to peel!

For less than $1, I nabbed this Kerry Wood insert #/1500.  It was good timing too, because as I was searching through the rest, another guy came beside me and started admiring it from my “to buy” stack.


Scratching an etch

How about a shiny Big Hurt parallel?  Don’t mind if I do.


PS, I like this card

How about a less shiny Big Hurt parallel?  Yeah, that also works. Bring that Premium Stock on.



Oh, you thought the Wood card would be the only numbered Finest card?  Well you thought wrong.  Also, what a strange thought to have.


Why no more Abreu love in the hobby?

I normally avoid recent, basic inserts and cards in situations like this since it’s not too unreasonable to assume they could come from a trade partner down the line.  I only picked this up to reach a X for $Y deal.


Ready to level up

I’ll show off my Maddux and Gwynn cards later on, but I’ll end tonight with my favorite card of the show.  My first game-used base card!  And it was only $5.  This thing is super thick, and pretty dang cool!  I enjoy the fact that they put the actual date on the card, too.  A quick check of baseball-reference shows the Cubs won 9-6 and both players on this card hit a home run in that game.  That’s a well-worn base, right there!

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