2017 Cubs – The First 10 Games

I started to do this last year, but then gave up in July or so.  I didn’t follow the team the second half of the year until the playoffs hit.  However, this is a new year and the reason I stopped watching the Cubs signed with the Yankees in the off-season, so I’m more excited about Cubs baseball again.

To add to that, I announced last November that I was going to collect virtually every member of the 2016 Cubs World Series team (with some modifications).  So, with 26 new player/manager additions and a slew of unposted cards from the original six, I’ll take any loose concept I can get.  Expect more current Cubs players to dominate these posts in the future, but I still haven’t scanned most of those (allllmost done formulating want/need lists).  For now, we’ll go with the old standby of Greg Maddux to help us count the wins.

A 6-4 record through the first 10 means six cards to post.

Mopey throw

This 2017 team is full of fresh faced talent – sort of like how Greg looked back nearly 30 years ago here.

Sinister kneel

And there’s a few guys waiting in the wings in AAA that could be on several MLB rosters as well.  It’ll be interesting to see how the Cubs decide to juggle everyone.  It’s one of those “good problems to have.”

Business in the front throw

Side bar – How many of you chase the different border patterns for these early ’90s Donruss sets?  I personally don’t as it seems like it would be too hard to checklist and confirm, however if I were to get 10 copies of the card and saw the difference, I might slip them both in the binder.

Small get together in the back throw

I have an irrational love for this year’s design.  That scratch-off ticket gray they use for the names makes all the difference.

Monkey throw – you see this a lot

What’s really scary is we’re getting close to having players in the majors that were born in 2000.  Cubs are young, but they’re not quite THAT young.

West Side Story throw

2017 would have been the perfect opportunity for Topps to bring back this style of gold parallel.  With no other foil anywhere in the nameplate area, I think that could have looked pretty good.  How they handle the other colors?  Other colored foil, I guess?

Okay, so I didn’t talk much about the Cubs.  They did okay to start the season, but nothing crazy.  I’m happy that we won’t hear that same run differential crap again.  As long as we keep the losing games close, we should be in good shape.  We shall see in 152 more games.

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