Digital De-Cluttering – Tony Gwynn Edition

Throughout my years of collecting and blogging (over 7 years now….), I’ve either obtained a small amount of cards from one source, or I’ve posted most cards from a package but not all.  That leaves a bunch of “master files” taking up space in my scan folders, waiting for inspiration to strike or a theme to tie them together.

I know this means nothing to you, but this post (and the others to follow) help ease my mind by cleaning out those folders a little bit and making me feel like I’m making progress in showing everything in my collection.  For Mr. Padre, I still have 62 multi-card scans left after this.  That’s almost twice the amount as what I have for Kerry Wood, even though the total number of cards in each of their respective collections are very close (both over 600!).  Time to even the playing field a bit.


I would buy more cereal if they had cards

I had this mixed in with some ebay wins, which means that I must have found this at my parents house at some point and tossed it in the scanner as early as possible.  I could have packaged it up in a post with other oddballs, but never got around to it.


Here’s another one I rescued from my parents’ basement.

He’s been waiting decades for that Oculus Rift headset.  Tony backed the Kickstarter before there even was a Kickstarter.


And a third found in the mountain at home

Not much is said about Chris Gwynn, but I’ll say it really amazes me when multiple people in the same family can play professionally.  You know it’s not all about nepotism.  Plus you have Tony Jr.  That Gwynn family had some great coaches.


Great gloss and use of lack of depth of field

The rest of these cards are going to be from boxes I’ve bought over the past couple years.  Zenith was something of an oddball set in my eyes due to the oversized cards.  But before we get there, here’s your normal version.



Aside from my scan sizing, you can kind of tell that this is the larger 8×10 version if you look at the edges and ball placement compared to the Zenith name.  Sadly, nearly all the 8x10s in my box came with corner damage (and no dufex of Gwynn), but I do have a large portion of the set for trade if people want any.


This is a nice subset

Those of you that have bought from Dave & Adam’s know that they give away packs and boxes if you order a certain amount.  This short printed Hall of Fame card was in one of those free packs.  I think.  Maybe I bought a box for $5 from them?  Either way, this is mine now.


The worst Padres jersey is this blue and white one

Hometown Heroes was one of my favorite sets of this decade.  I’ll continue to sing its praises.  I’ve bought 3 boxes of the stuff, just because it’s fun and super cheap.  I’ll have trade bait on the blog at some point, but if you need anything for your set, please let me know!


I love the bold comic book-like outline

I’ve also been lucky enough to get this gold border insert variation.  I think the black borders are slightly more scarce, but they both look good.


Great way to do the colored parallels

Okay, so this last one wasn’t from a box I opened.  I haven’t taken the plunge into high end, even though I’ve considered it for the experience as a “celebration” for a special occasion.  No, this fancy shiny thin Gwynn is a past ebay win back in 2012.  Only took 4.5 years to make it onto the blog.  Maybe I need to do a monthly ebay roundup?

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