Digging Out From the Trade Backlog (Trade with Nolan’s Dugout) – Part 2

If you missed part one of the loot I received from Kyle at Nolan’s Dugout, then click on this link.

As a quick recap, I sent him some Topps online exclusive code giveaway die cuts, and he sent me stuff I could actually use. A lot of stuff.  So much stuff that there will at least be two more parts to this.

Today is all Thomas all the Thime.

Franchise indeed

Is there anyone out there that doesn’t love the early Score sets?  1990 and 1991 may have been the strongest.  All the great subsets and the color borders.  This card feels special, like a Pro Vision or a Diamond Kings.

Since the 1990 Leaf RC is probably not showing up anytime soon

1992 Leaf is another fantastic set.  I think I like this better than 1991, if only for the simplicity.  Next to acquire is the black gold.

No parallels here

I remember the novelty of these cards and opening these packs with my brother and cousin.  They were unique for the time and we actually read the card backs more because of it.

Look at that starburst

I got a little out of chronological order with this one.  Finest was the ultra high end.  Chromium cards were a luxury reserved for only the richest of collectors.  Those were simpler times.

That’s not a NNOF. It just looks like one.

Back to 1993 when the Big Hurt was still “small” enough to be a first baseman, but had to crouch to fit in his baseball cards.

Select is not as good as Score

Of course you could always zoom out.

He hit a couple of HRs

I’m still not fully used to seeing designs that I saw more in basketball cards as non-basketball cards.  This year of Stadium Club was good to me in the NBA. I got a super team card of the Knicks and turned it in for some prize winnings when they won the Eastern Conference and went to the finals.

That’s not a No Logo on Front. It just looks like one

And there you have part two.  Let’s keep swinging away at this ultra cool trade package in our next installment.

Yeah. I’m sticking with that.

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