Back to the Dugout – Part 1

Last year, I wrote a multi-part trade post of an over two year old deal I made with Kyle from Nolan’s Dugout.   Because of all the fun stuff that went along with my job, even after I started in April, it took me a few months to get through all 5 parts (ended in July).

Well, by that time, Kyle and I had already arranged another trade.  He responded to my newest attempts at trade bait posts, offering to take some of my Gypsy Queen cards.  I was of course, happy to oblige and so here we are, back in action.

This will likely end up being a 3 part-er, because of the new self-imposed limit of trying to show 9 cards or less per post (to help get content out faster – I’m slow enough – and make me feel like I’m making progress).  Now, will it take 3-4 months to get through those parts?  Maybe, but that’s only because most of my trades this year have also been large, and I’m trying to even things out and not just show trades all the time.

Enough jabbering.  More carding.

The J is a boot. Never noticed that before

To start, we’re going food issue.  Sausage man was proud to plaster that big MLBPA logo on the front (since the other logos weren’t allowed). C’mon food companies, let’s get more of these produced.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday

Even if they looked like Pacific cards, I would still be happy if they were lightly glued to the side of a cereal box.

Daaamnn that was a lot of foil in the Pacific card

I don’t know what the result of this AB was, but that’s an expression of concern that might follow a ball going into the stands too fast.  Hopefully not the case here.

No Spoilers

Frank Thomas is in the Upside Down.  Look, I can make semi-topical jokes!

Certainly not the real NNOF

Oh, 2010s, the decade where reprints ran amok.  How about this card your mom threw away insert from 2010?  Those were kind of fun, even if the original backs were a bit annoying.

An underrated picture

What about these 60 years of Topps reprints in 2011?  That seemed like a little bit of overkill only one year later.  Still love that 1992 design, though.

Strange mix of old and…new?

It’s weird that Donruss is still being produced after this revival, but the Prizm cards are not.  Both are pretty fun breaks.

Respect the Authority, or don’t.

Quickly moving on to the Greg Maddux portion of our program, we see evidence of early 2000s Fleer putting out so many sets that they throw random things together and call it a day.

Classic Braves uniform

I’ve talked before how I love this insert.  It’s part of the reason I got back into collecting in 2009.  Buying random packs and seeing the interesting inserts was part of the draw.

Then I started blogging, and trading with people like Kyle made me want to stay.  Thank you again, and to all that made it this far, I hope I’ll see you in part 2.

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