August 2017 and First Part of September 2017 Ebay Wins

Okay, I’m a few months behind on this now.  August was a lighter month for me. I wouldn’t say I took a break from Ebay, but I was a little more discerning.  I was coming off of the National, so the vast majority of my card budget was already well-spent.  I needed to stay focused a bit to let the funds replenish.

Bonafide Ebay 1/1

I managed to get three cards in the month.  One was this Bryant Bunt parallel.  You know the set is unpopular when one of the highest priced guys in the collecting world can be had for the bare minimum.  I put the bid in, but didn’t expect to be the winner.

Weird to see him in red

Next was this Fowler gold refractor /50 from the NSCC wrapper redemptions.  There are a few players I still need to track down, but I’m a cheap bastard and most I see come through my saved searches are high priced Buy It Nows.

Almost colored outside the sticker lines

To end the month, I picked up a Kerry Wood autograph.  There’s a tiny bit of competition for his autos, still.  I wanted to try my luck at this one from the really fun Hometown Heroes set, because I know how infrequently they come around.  I see most of the same autos come across my emails all the time, but this is a bit of a rarity.  I saw a Tony Gwynn auto from this product pop up for the first time in a long time as well, but it ended a lot higher than I expected, so you won’t see that soon.

Pitch with your mouth closed

September was much more robust.  That also means that the cards may be a little less interesting.  Sorry, Lackey, but the vintage parallel doesn’t have the same appeal.

Ron Don

This is the first Hector Rondon card featured on the blog so far (and now he’s not even part of the team).  I think it’s also the first 2017 Pink parallel.  Relievers don’t get much play.

Still need the gold wave version

Lastly for today is another #/50 card.  A lovely gold refractor of another former Cub pitcher.  This wasn’t the only Arrieta card I bought in September, but that will come in a different post.  I can’t get through all the September purchases here.  What can I say, after the NSCC, I got the itch to get more cards quickly.


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