Second Part of September 2017 Ebay Wins

September was a busy card buying month.  So much so, that I had to split this up into two parts. If you missed the first batch (along with the much lighter August), go ahead and click here.  Otherwise, join me on this buying adventure recap.  I’m sort of trying the Uno thing again too, at least visually.  Follow along with the chain.

He’s got it!

You may be thinking that this is an odd pick up, and you’d be right.  Normally I wouldn’t specifically seek out a parallel #’d over 500 like this.  And I didn’t this time either.  Instead this was one of those cases where I found a card I wanted, checked the users other listings and stock piled 8 different cards to take advantage of the combined shipping.

Also part of the batch

You can’t see the front, but this is the Rizz “SP” version of the blue back parallel.  This exists because Donruss has quickly devolved into all parallels all the time madness.

Not part of the batch

Gold Label could be a fun product, but I haven’t tried it.  When it came back, it was a one pack per box thing (or maybe two packs) and it didn’t seem worthwhile.  Now it’s got more packs, but not enough to make finding any of the fun numbered tiers possible.

Also not part of the batch

I’d rather see more packs with a guarantee at a numbered card, instead of (or in addition to) the promise of one auto.


I’m pretty sure this was the impetus to look at the seller’s wares and pick out the bunch.  These Museum cards look nice, even if there are too many colors to chase.  The good news is few people do chase the non-hits from it.

Not in the batch

These Stadium Club parallels are a little annoying and not easy to spot.  If the numbering wasn’t on the front, I bet a lot more of them would be missed.


No missing this one, though.  I hate the negative parallels.  What a terrible idea and a disturbing result.


Moving from the black and white to the gray.  This is more palatable as they don’t completely deprive the card of color and the picture is still normal.  Sure it’s useless otherwise, but it’s better than the card up above.

Another one from the batch

Something tells me these cards weren’t actually used in the proofing process.  Always good to get a low numbered Hendricks for a buck, though.


The last two from that combined shipping sale was this weird card from Prime Cuts, where Tony looks like he’s popping out of a mini card that’s embedded into a Clue board game…


And this Co-Signers card of Frank Thomas (who is back there, I promise) and Troy Glaus (I forgot he played for the Blue Jays).  This Silver Red is my first from 2007 for Frank, leaving me with nine more to go.  Maybe I’ll get lucky with another random ebay seller some day.

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