A Big Trade with Mini Collector Bill – Part 2

Back in late September, I posted the first part of a significant trade I made with Bill.  As a quick refresher, he responded to some of my Gypsy Queen trade bait posts and we worked out a nice, large exchange – mostly for my budding 2016 WS champ players.  Far too many cards for one, or even a few posts.  So, this is part 2 of many.  As mentioned before, he doesn’t have a blog of his own, but he’s known as minibbcards on the Trading Card Database and his want lists are fantastic (and found here).

In this episode, we’ll be looking at the Allen & Ginter portion of the haul.

You can almost see him

I gotta start small when we’re dealing with the mini collector – This regular mini must have been an extra in his growing collection, and it just may be SP to boot.


Dennis the Menace, er, I mean Jon started his career in 2006, but for some reason the back talks mostly about what other things happened during the debut date.  I guess the Starting Point was to look up the date, but no one finished the point to say what the result was.

Purple freckles

I still need a lot of base cards from a lot of sets, so getting a stack of them was great.

Orange Freckles

It’s weird to think that Javy’s rookie cards were in 2015.  It seems simultaneously like they should be longer and newer than that.

Blue almost freckles

Speaking of the colors behind the players, why wouldn’t they stay consistent among teams.  Three players shown. Three colors.

Already weird to see him as a Brave

I hate to say it, but this does not look like Jason Heyward.  By the way, that’s supposed to by Heyward. The sketch is commemorating his debut home run, but that’s not very obvious either.

Put a pin in it

Heyward is a longer way from home now.  It’s really cool that he got to play for his local team like that.  And, according to the back, some scenes from Smokey and the Bandit were filmed in his town (before he was born), so that’s a thing.

The man who took Prior’s number

Okay, one more Heyward.  This is all about the jersey number which is a good concept that wasn’t well executed in my mind.

The man who took Kyle Farnsworth’s number

The picture selection here is pretty good too. Nice that they didn’t simply rehash the one from the set.

The man that took Carlos Marmol’s number – not mentioned as a Cubs great on the back of the card

Tonight, we end with the third Cubs Numbers Game insert, and I’m still missing Bryant and Lester, if you can believe it.  Still, Bill gave me a solid head start and I can’t thank him enough for that.  I’ll be thanking Bill a few more times in future posts, so stay tuned.  Next time, we’ll probably check out some Heritage!

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