Documenting an Angel of a Trade – Part 1

It’s trade post time!  Looking back, it’s surprising how many trades I’ve been able to complete this year with relatively little effort.  What’s even better is that nearly all of the trades have been quite large, which means I need multiple posts to get through everything you fine people have been sending me.

After I get back into the country, I really want to make a more concerted effort to scour blog want lists and pro-actively offer more trades, and also post more trade bait here.  I have a few posts waiting for me to stay in the US long enough to respond.

Tom from The Angels, In Order didn’t have to wait.  He saw my post about Upper Deck Documentary where I made note that I (still) have a TON of this stuff to trade and he wanted a brick of Angels sent his way.  I was very happy to oblige (and I’m still happy to do so if anyone needs a team lot or specific player from that set) and trade with Tom again.  It had been a while.

In return, he sent me a smattering of John Lackey cards (and some others) to really boost my quickly growing collection of him.  Seriously, there’s no lack of Lackeys here, so it’ll take a couple parts to get through it all.  To start, I’m focusing on the year 2009, because for some reason I decided to not post these…”in order.”

Always interesting to see a middle name in the official signature

A few posts ago, I showed off the gold version I found for a dime.  I didn’t even have to spend that much for this guy!

Nice lighting, too

I love a good horizontal card.  This composition fits the frame wonderfully.  It’s also great when a mundane action like this can still find a way to be visually interesting.

Get that sweat glare

In contrast, here is a vertical card that looks more like a typical after thought pitcher photo.  The glove even looks a bit too blurry.

The fog

I know some might not like posed shots, but sometimes they can break up the monotony.  Even a little angle change like this can be enough.

Yeah, I figured as much

This insert set was a bit too big. I know they go for a 100-card thing each year, but too many repeated countries means it’s a bit of bloat.

Teeth are closer than they appear

I wish UD had a baseball license just so I would have more of an excuse to collect the Goodwin Champions set.  As it stands now, there’s too much variety and stuff I don’t care about. If it was mostly baseball with other sprinkled in, like A&G, it would be a different story.

Even this picture is better for being different, or, “unique”

I’m a little surprised that Unique only lasted a year.  It looked like it did well, and I love the matte stock with high gloss.  Maybe now that nearly ten years have passed it will get a reboot.

Some photo effects should not be used

Goudey I’m less interested in than Goodwin.  I think you can see why.  I’d rather have Chicle back.

Spring training game, perhaps

However, OPC is sorely missed.  I loved the black borders from this set (and the card stock).  It’s great to knock this, and all of the other cards off the want list.

Thanks a lot for the trade, Tom!  I’m looking forward to sifting through and showcasing the rest of the package in future installments.

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