2017 NSCC #3 – Hitting the Dimebox Hard – Lester, Lackey, and Soler Edition

Alright, it’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything about the National, which isn’t good because I have a lot to cover still. The first two parts of the dimebox focused on what I’ve been calling the “legacy” collections. These next two are about the champs. Looking back, I’m actually surprised I didn’t find […]

We Don’t Just Hold Contests – Sometimes We Win Them Too

College Football will be starting up again very shortly. I’m not much of a football guy. If I were a football guy, I don’t think I would be a college football guy. I understand the argument as to why the college game is better. I also understand that I don’t care to keep track of […]

A Mojotronic Trade of Moose Proportions

I’m not nearly as good at clever trade post titles as many of the other bloggers out there. Deal with it.

Some time ago, I posted the results of some mid-aughts NPN returns and lamented the current state of the once-fruitful No Purchase Necessary world. Apparently no one else misses NPNs because I wasn’t able […]