Decidedly Not Red Cardboard – A Trade with Red Cardboard

My goodness does time fly.  There are trades initiated in November of last year that I still haven’t posted on here yet.  I’m sorry to anyone else who is still waiting for their cards and thanks to show their face. I’m a work in progress.  The good news for me is that this will be covered in one shot (by slightly breaking my rule of 9 scans per post).

Matt from Red Cardboard worked out a trade with me for a healthy stack of 2008 UD Documentary cards from my post found here.  At some point I might put together a trade list for what’s left, but for now, if you collect a certain team or player from that set, let me know because I still have A TON of the stuff I’d like to move.

The team Matt claimed might surprise you.  Okay, no it won’t.  It was the Reds.  I still have more thanks to duplicates, but I was able to off-load a nice chunk of cards in exchange for an assortment of Frank Thomas cards and this guy below.

Anyone gonna miss Bunt this year?

My Bunt collection is ever growing.  This may not be an Ebay post, but you still can’t escape it!  Somehow I was able to obtain the two parallels for Maddux before I got a base card (aside from the one for my master set attempt) here.  I think.  This is the last one posted at least.

The off-center divide in the name plate bothers me

I’ve said it before, but it bears repeating that there is still a lot of junk era stuff that I still need.  If you want to trade with me, don’t assume I have those overproduced base cards!  Matt didn’t assume!

You don’t need a box or anything for that inset picture

Oh boy, if you like unlicensed broder cards, you’ll want to stay tuned.  I actually went to a card shop in April and I hit the motherlode.  I love this stuff.

Sorry I missed this set when it came out

Strangely, I thought I had this card already.  Maybe I was thinking of some reprint thing, or a different player, or maybe even this specific card since it’s been several months.  This is why we need spreadsheets.

Hey now

I want more cards of people accepting awards.  By the way, I never solved the mystery of the 5X7 version.  If you want to get on the case – please see here!

Woah, he’s in front of and behind the foil!

1996 Leaf was a step way down from 1995.  I think they were still trying to be sort of higher end like Ultra, but were falling in the middle of the pack like Ultra.

What food is he thinking about?

I like this year’s Pinnacle, but the parallels still confuse me.  I kinda wish Panini would give it another shot and maybe go more retro like this.

Like a black hole

I miss the golden age of Score.  This isn’t that, but at least they were still going after those subsets.  The border just consumes the card too much.

Gotta love the woodgrain

Select only lasted one year as a comeback, too and I liked it.  It was basically Prizm again, though so I understand why it was cut.

Don’t peel the Select

Under my new policy, today’s post would be over by now, but lucky you get to scroll right past this sentence and never read it.  Great card, though!


Possibly one of the earliest appearances of an alternate jersey.  Was this used in a game? I tried a quick search but couldn’t find anything after two minutes.

It has the space between each letter like all the cool kids are doing

This is where Score really falls off the rails.  This is nothing like the brand I knew and love.

Spring training!

I think this is the second checklist in the bunch.  Thankful to have this one as I’ve had the gold medallion for a while.

Weird factoid to include

Upper Deck was weird about their cards.  The foil stamps and text on the side seem like subsets, but that’s not always true.

Perhaps the base card is less common than the variations

To end the day and the trade, we jump forward 18 years and Donruss is back at it again.  Whether that’s good or bad is up for debate.  I think there are positives to it.  This design has grown on me at least.

Thank you so much for the trade, Matt!  I’m sorry again for the long delay in showing these off.  Hopefully we’ll get to do this again sometime and I can be a little quicker.

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