March 2018 Ebay Wins

With all my time away from home recently, I had let my new acquisitions pile up, unscanned.  As far as Ebay stuff is concerned, I finally got around to logging them in my want lists and digitizing them for future posts through May.

March was a lighter month for me.  Work was getting really busy at this time as the reporting deadline approached, so my priority was to the 2000+ data submissions I had to monitor and cross-reference/triple check for accuracy.  It left less time for cards.  I still found a way to get a small stack, though.  I almost always do.

Perfect fielding position

Starting with this Bowman paper blue.  This is not the kind of card I would search for, but as we’ve seen in the past, it came from a seller where I bought something else.  I paired this with a BIN for a pink parallel you’ll see below.

Not sticking these in the album

This may look like an unusual purchase, but I collect the MLB Sticker albums each year.  I’m still in need of A LOT, so if you want to trade, check out my want/have lists.  The past two years, they’ve bastardized the thing by putting stickers into Opening Day as case hits.  You can read my rant about it on this linked post.  I found a breaker that had the whole set for a low price and jumped on it.  Haven’t seen one cheaper since.

Leading the league in cheap ebay wins

This is not the pink I was talking about.  This is a typical auction win.  Patience pays off as I ignore all the higher priced starting bids for months.

A lot of parallels to go

This is what came with the Maddux.  I don’t do a lot of BINs, but if the card is listed for the same price or lower than a minimum bid + s/h, then yeah, I’ll take it.  These parallels look better on the horizontal cards.

Spanish for “The Mago”

Lastly, we have what was my very first 2018 card acquired.  Through March I had not bought any 2018 packs (I have since) and all the auctions were still too high.  I don’t know how I lucked into this Baez blaster manu-relic thing, since it’s numbered out of 50.  Every once in a while things go my way, even if work (at the time) wasn’t.  April is when I was set free.  We’ll see if the purchases reflected that.

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