2018 Cubs – Twelfth Ten Games

I know I just posted the 11th installment of this a couple days ago, but I really do want to stay on top of this season as much as possible.  I recognize that no one reads these posts anyway, so this is all about my own personal piece of mind.  The division race is starting to heat up since the stupid Cardinals fired their stupid manager and started winning games again.  So, it’s a three-way hunt with the Cubs in a pretty narrow lead and a little less than a month left.  Dang, I hope we can get to the postseason again.

Six more wins will help. Stay over .500 the rest of the way and that will make their jobs harder.

No longer a prospect

Win #65 – Baez – A regular member of this list, Javier went 2-4, with a solo HR, and a double, driving in 2 in the 3-1 win. This was the 2nd win for Cole Hamels in his 2nd start.


Win #66 – David Bote – I haven’t run the numbers, but I think Bote appears more than Bryant at this point.  In this game he was 2-3, drew 1 walk, had 3 RBIs, including a 2-run triple in the first and a RBI single elsewhere. With this, he was batting .344 in 30 games.

Love the glow on the refractors sometimes

Win #67 – Heyward – Very light on offense, but luck was on our side. Jason was 1-4, but the 1 was the Cubs first hit which scored two runs to tie the game.  To be more precise, it was a single after the Nationals walked the bases loaded. They walked in the winning run the next inning.  The next game would be more heartbreaking for the Nats.

Gold #/539 – Just missing the base card

Win #68 – Bote – David appeared as a pinch hitter with 2 outs in the bottom of the 9th. The Cubs were down 3-0, down to the last strike.  With the bases loaded, Bote hits the walk-off grand slam and continues his road to local favorite. Hamels was really solid with 9Ks but I had to give it to the moment everyone was talking about.

From my box of DK

Win #69 – Rizzo – He’s had a decent second half after a terrible first.  This day he was 2-4 with a walk. 3 RBIs, including a 2-run homer in the first that helped set the tone against the rival Brewers. And I do mean rival.

Got a bunch of refractors to post eventually

Win #70 – Lester – A close 1-0 game.  Happ with the solo home run to win it offensively.  Lester, however, returned to All-Star form, going 6 innings, with only 5 hits, no walks, no runs, and 8 Ks.

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