2018 Cubs – Sixteenth Ten Games (+4)

So we’ve come to the end.  I’m going to have one more post on the 2018 season to recap the overall player of the game counts and do whatever else I want.  That should be interesting to me and me alone.  Honestly, I’m just excited that I was able to actually make it through this whole season, and almost in a timely manner.  That’s nice.  So, without delay, let’s get into this last batch.

That’s a weird decision to cut off the legs like that

Win #89 – Montgomery – The Darvish replacement went 6 innings, giving up 4 hits, and 1 ER (on a solo homer), 1 walk, 8 Ks. Not really close to a complete game but solid.

Starting to run low on Baez cards

Win #90 – Baez – His last appearance for the year comes from a 2-4 day. Started with a 2-run HR in 1st, 1 BB, and a RBI single in 9th, giving him 3 RBIs on day

Aw shucks!

Win #91 – Schwarber – Kyle went 2-2, with 2 walks. He knocked a solo homer in the 2nd inning, and a RBI single in 3rd.

Return of the stray hairs

Win #92 – Almora – After the Cubs ended up blowing a 6-1 lead, Almora came up in the bottom of the 10th and hit the game-winning RBI single. It was a key hit for a key win with the Brewers poised to take 1st in the division.

Turkey Rosey Red Cheeks

Win #93 – Bote – The Bryant replacement went 1-2, and drew 1 walk.  The one hit was a 2 RBI triple in the second to start scoring in a shutout.

We’ll never know who this is

Win #94 – Hendricks – Over the course of 8 innings, Kyle gave up 7 hits, 2 earned runs, 2 walks, and only 2 Ks, but he gave the team innings when the bullpen was failing. He also had a pick-off at 1st.

Not the Finest year, but still pretty fine

Win #95 – Rizzo – For the last win of the year, game 162, Anthony went 4-4, had 1 RBI, 1 walk, and hit 2 doubles in the win that would force a game 163 against the surging Brewers.

Of course, we lost that game 163, and the subsequent Wild Card game against the Rockies.  It would have been nice to extend this into a 17th part with some playoff wins.  Maybe next year.  If I do this thing next year.  That’s still be TBD.  It was a nice way to clear out some of the more boring cards out of the scan folders at least.

Let’s bring baseball back already!

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