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I’ve started to accumulate a lot of relic cards for my player collections.  Sometimes I get so wrapped up in my cutesy little series that I forget to diversify the card offerings here and show some of the non-ebay and non-trade stuff I’ve been snapping up over the years.

Since the season is over and I’m caught up with ebay, I’ll have to be a little more creative and think outside the box a bit.  The big trouble I have is with being creative and thinking of themes. Or when I think of a theme, I get a sort of clever title but I have no idea how to write a good introduction or make a story out of it.

There are several drafts in waiting with either only a title or some images and no text to go with them.  Creativity is leaving my body as age and the world beats down my soul.

Cut it out and sew it to your backpack

I’m starting with a relic that isn’t really one.  It’s one of those blaster exclusive fake patches from 2011.  Their blaster stuff has increased in quality over the years, and I’m pretty sure they stopped doing things like referencing years before the player was born.

It’s like he’s reaching down to touch it

Most of these will be from Heyward’s Braves days.  Most of these will also likely have come from the National.  That show has been a pretty good resource for some cheap embedded cloth and wood pieces.

This isn’t a Babe Ruth cut 1/1!!!! Garbage!!!

It’s amazing how cheap so much of the high end stuff ends up being.  If it’s not the top of the top of the line, no one gives a crap.  Well, I’m happy to swoop in.

Don’t know if this picture is from that event

Does anyone else feel every relic they get?  Doesn’t matter what it’s from (bat, jersey, helmet, etc), I have to touch the swatch.

Some years are better than others. This is not one of the better ones

I’d be curious to know how many relics I own are horizontal and how many are vertical. Not curious enough to actually count, mind you.

At least it’s a unique design only for hits

There’s no actual scouting report on the card. It’s just a blurb on the back.  But most relics don’t get anything beyond a congratulations message, so that’s something.

Now, all of these were from the National, but I also just bought a few in my recent birthday batch from COMC, so I might as well get ahead of the game and add them as well.  After all, I probably won’t get around to showing off anything else from that for years at the rate I’m going.

Random arches = high end

Here’s another Tier One run-off.  Clearly I didn’t get any part of that dirty knee down there, but that’s okay.

The only bat piece in the post

I feel like I should mention that all the COMC stuff was bought for under $4 and usually under $3 as well.  Not sure about the National – I probably went as high as $5 on those.

And they still let you touch the relic

The framed mini relics are becoming less of a thing, both in GQ and in A&G.  I prefer them to the non-framed because they are harder to damage and just look a little cooler, even if it is just a different frame.

Got a splash of color finally

See, even a dual relic #/50 is a throw away to the high end people.  Although to be fair, based on my ebay wins, most cards with that print run are becoming more and more disposable and worthless these days.

I’ve seen bigger

And I’ll end with the biggest piece of fabric in the lot.  A logoless jumbo sadly reminds me of the St. Louis days and makes me wish I had more Cubs relics to add.  Maybe at next year’s National that will happen.

2 comments to Jason HeyWardrobe

  • sanjosefuji

    Great collection. If I were to guess… I’d say that 60% of my relics were portraits and 40% were landscape. But like you… I’m never going to sit around and actually count.

    • Jon

      That’s probably a fair estimate across the board. First thought is that it’s lopsided towards horizontal, but thinking deeper it’s likely more even. Maybe I will count sometime soon….

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