Next Stop: A Trade From Last July

Alright, I got a nice chunk of trade bait up and depending on how well that’s received, I’m hoping to inject some different names in my recurring trade package posts.  Very shortly, I plan to be more proactive in searching people’s want lists and coming to you as well.  I do it on occasion with my regular trade partners and I wouldn’t mind finding more of those.

One of my regulars is Kerry, also known as Madding, also known as Cards on Cards.  He certainly checks my lists often enough and likes to fill my mailbox with big stacks of stuff.  So much so that at my current pace of 9 scans per post, I’m just now getting through a trade sent in 2017.  After today, the next stuff from him will be something I got in July last year.  Only a year or so behind!  Maybe I need to temporarily expand my self-imposed scan limit because that July trade would be about 5 posts on its own.  We will see in the future. For now, let’s visit the past. 2017 to be exact.

Love me some Hoops

Kerry will regularly send me cards of players I’ve enjoyed watching in the past.  I’ve really been out of the basketball loop. I can’t remember the last time I watched a game and the random highlight clips I see on twitter really don’t inspire my viewership.  Still, I have to say the basketball cards that Panini puts out are usually dang good, and it makes me wonder why they don’t try to use some of these designs in the baseball side.  Obviously Optic is about the same, but the others really aren’t too shabby.

Maybe I just enjoy the action shots in basketball cards more

Here’s a few more parallels.  Baseball didn’t get these golds, but got every other color combination under the sun.  Maybe the cards will eventually convince me to come back to watching so I can be more intent on collecting the cards.  Maybe.

Still upset there isn’t a card with my birthday on it

I think this was sent to me as a subtle dig. Sure it’s a Maddux card, but it celebrates a win against the Cubs. Very sneaky.

Makes me want to play some Atari 2600

I loved the Big cards as a kid. I didn’t like the mini sets, but the slightly oversize were fun.  Looking back, I must have been partially blind.

Double Gwynn

One of the last legitimate lenticular cards ever made. Give me that true motion with multiple images again, please.

I ain’t peeling nothing!

Possibly one of the last cards made only out of metal, but I am probably forgetting something very obvious.  I’m okay with not bringing these back, however.

I wish my beard could look that good

The package, as we’ve seen in past episodes, was not all older stuff.  I also had a smattering of the newness. Or what was the newness at the time.

At times, my beard looks better than this

A couple Archives that show us what we aren’t exactly missing or looking for.

Also a ROY version out there somewhere

It’s tough to tell, but this would be the holo version.  Bryant was not far removed from an MVP season when this was sent to me, and I certainly appreciate the kindness that you people show sometimes.

And we’ll see more of that kindness in the next installment of the Cards on Cards trade catch-up bonanza.  Thanks again, Kerry!

2 comments to Next Stop: A Trade From Last July

  • sanjosefuji

    I must be blind too… because I still love those Topps Big sets 😉

    • Jon

      I think I’m becoming a crotchety old man, because I don’t like the oversize stuff anymore, especially the only slightly bigger stuff like this that’s just a tad too big for normal storage.

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