2018 Cubs – Ninth Ten Games

I’m feeling fairly confident that I’ll actually be able to finish this series, and close to on time as well.  The Cubs have played over 110 games at this point, so I still need to catch up a bit, but aside from a vacation coming up the last week of this month, I don’t have much going on.

The Cubs do have something going on.  In this ninth batch, they went from 4 wins to 7.  I don’t know when it was they re-took the division lead, but they’re managing the cling on for now.  The Brewers are still very much in contention. Uncomfortably so.  Here’s hoping to some larger posts as we run it out.

Bright-eyed optimism

Win #46 – Almora – 3-3, 2 RBI. Both of those times gave the Cubs the lead. He left game early in a high-scoring affair that came almost completely from singles.  Plating 14 runs, 17 of the 20 hits were singles.

Could you tell it’s the refractor

Win #47 – Lester – This “award” is not for pitching, although that was fine. Instead it was for the 3-run home run in the 8-run second inning.  The Twins would come back and make it close in an 11-10 win, but I’m glad they pulled it out so I could honor that rare occasion.

Aqua holo version

Win #48 – Rizzo – Only 1-4 on the day, but he provided the tying run on a single and then the go-ahead run on a force out. Not a great game, but he produced when it was needed.

I’m running out of Willson cards to show – down to 2 more

Win #49 – Contreras – 2-3, 3 RBI, 1 walk at the plate. He was at bat when Javy stole home again, which doesn’t mean anything.  He also had a double and a solo homer.

Also the aqua version

Win #50 – Baez – 4-5, 2 RBI.  That’s not an unusual game for him this year. One hit was a solo home run, and he drove in the tying run in another Cubs come from behind game. El Mago also stole 3rd base for his 16th SB of the season.

Coghlan standing in for Bote

Win #51 – David Bote – Only 1-1, however Bote drew a bases loaded unintentional walk to give the Cubs a walk-off in the 10th. David has been decent for the Cubs in limited play and the rookie showed composure in a key spot.

Odd logo placement

Win #52 – Edwards Jr. – Lastly, the relief crew gets a rare nod.  There was nothing spectacular in terms of batting. Edwards threw one inning and stuck out all three batters he faced.

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