’96 & Hits Community Break Box #4: 2004 Topps Clubhouse Collection

Sorry about the delay in getting this last box posted.  I swear it wasn’t a suspense tactic, just a combination of a heavier than usual work load and an unexpected social life.

Why delay things any further?  Hop in car, we’re driving to a little town known as Hit City, population: YOU!

It all comes down to this

Even if you typically skip the videos, I would highly encourage you to watch this one.

Okay, I hope the poor quality control issues didn’t detract too much from the enjoyment.  I don’t know if anyone else has had experience to know if the split sides are a normal problem or not.  With that aside, I think we had a very good break.  I’ll show all the scans below.

packs 1 & 2

Well, we started off a little slowly, but getting one bronze parallel #/99 isn’t too bad.  Unfortunately, it didn’t go to a claimed team.

packs 3 & 4

Okay, not only did all 4 go to claimed teams, but we also found a couple hall of famers.  I bet Play at the Plate is glad he swooped in to grab the Yankees right about now.

packs 5 & 6

Here we find a second Dodger as we go past the half-way mark.  Speaking of Marks, he’s the second bronze parallel.  The Cepeda ain’t too shabby either.

packs 7 & 8

The one benefit of waiting is that I can now mention how much of an A-hole Miguel Tejada is and how the man has no shame and I hope he comes back just so he can get caught again and receive a lifetime ban.

Oh, hey.  There’s also a really cool on-deck circle relic that currently will remain in my possession until I get a reasonable trade offer.  Ignore the stuff on the toploader, I just wanted to protect the cards before scanning.

packs 9 & 10

Okay, here are the last packs and the Yankees come out on top again.  The final bronze parallel #/99 goes to them.  I’m happy we found a Frank, but I’ll talk about that more another time.

The hit distribution wasn’t exactly how I hoped, but about half went to claimed teams.  That could have been worse.  I’m hoping to have the cards packed up and shipped out either Monday or Thursday of this coming week.

I hope everyone enjoyed the break.  I know I did.  It was a great feeling opening packs and immersing myself in cards again, forcing myself to write.  I don’t know if I’ll be holding my normal birthday group break in October, but if I do, I hope to see you all join again then.

Final Team breakdown:
Play at the Plate – Rangers – Base:  19 –Inserts/Parallels: 1 – Hits: 1
Play at the Plate — Angels – Base:  20 –Inserts/Parallels: 7 – Hits: 2
Play at the Plate — Yankees – Base:  24 –Inserts/Parallels: 3 – Hits: 3
Play at the Plate — Twins – Base:  25 –Inserts/Parallels: 2 – Hits: 0
Dodgers88 — Dodgers – Base:  22 –Inserts/Parallels: 8 – Hits: 2
Dodgers88 — Mets – Base:  18 –Inserts/Parallels: 4 – Hits: 0
Baseball Dad – Indians – Base:  34 –Inserts/Parallels: 8 – Hits: 0
Baseball Dad — Brewers – Base:  17 –Inserts/Parallels: 4 – Hits: 1
Daddyoho — Phillies – Base:  14 –Inserts/Parallels: 4 – Hits: 2
Daddyoho — Red Sox – Base:  20 –Inserts/Parallels: 2 – Hits: 0
Nachos Grande — Reds – Base:  23 –Inserts/Parallels: 1 – Hits: 0
Nachos Grande — Tigers – Base:  15 –Inserts/Parallels: 1 – Hits: 0
Junior Junkie — Mariners – Base:  21 –Inserts/Parallels: 7 – Hits: 0
Junior Junkie — Cardinals – Base:  21 –Inserts/Parallels: 4 – Hits: 0

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